Like you really care...:)

Hi I'm Len Vinci and this is where I store many of my photos.
I am currently the head IDX Engineer in charge of data acquisition at CIS Data Systems, Inc. Otherwise known as iHOUSE, or IDXPro
I've been here for about 5 years now and I mostly write scripts that control the downloading and parsing of MLS data from 375+ sources for our 2000 or so real estate broker customers. This allows them to provide home-searching capabilities to their websites. It's like cat-juggling.

Speaking of scripts, all of the pages on this website are generated by one Perl script which takes about 2 minutes to generate, at last count in Oct 2002 2140 pages. I used to use ePerl and embed a bunch of dynamic stuff in them but the mean old sysadmin at wouldn't install the ePerl apache module for me. She wants me to convert them all to php (yuk). I showed her. Now they are all straight html, which frankly loads faster. None of my pages need data changes very often.

This page is mostly for the benefit of my friends so's they can enjoy my rather vast collection of photographs. They are starting to get annoyed when I bring snapshots to the pub on Friday nights so now I mail-bomb them into coming here to look at them. Since getting a Digital Elph last year the number of pages has doubled... more to come I'm afraid...

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