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The Little-Girl-Cat snuggled up with ol'Uncle Stinky. Sure, Sid's a nice cat and all... but what does she see in him?

Hmmm there's a lack of pictures of the Yin-Kitty on my site as of Oct 2001... should fix that. Yinny came with our house. She was one of 3 kittens that hung around our backyard and hissed and spit at us for months right after we moved in in 1993. With food and patience we eventually tamed her... wel she also got knocked up and too fat to run when we tried to pet her. Once she dropped her litter she was much more ameniable to taming.

Now (in 2001) she's my Bucky-Cat. I can play real rough with her and she comes back for more! She STILL acts like a kitten at the ripe old age of 8.

What happened to the othet 2 kittens? Who the hell knows? One was her identical twin , though male. We called him Yang. He dissappeared shortly before Yin gave birth to Ally and Patches and Simi and the other one. We think we saw him a couple years later but he never returned after that. We were seriously bummed at the time cuz he was MUCH friendlier than Yin.

The other one we called Bun-Cat, cuz he looked like our rabbit. He unfortunately got trapped in the house at one point early in our relationship and was so traumatized and skittery afterwards that we never were able to tame him. He dissappeared about the same time as Yang... and was the father of several of Yin's little incidently (Eww).

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Cats & Stuff : Slide 5 of 26
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