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9adri_79.jpg 3.95k
What a baby!
9sm_kel2.jpg 3.54k
What YOU so Happy about?
9ferrari.jpg 4.05k
Kel's OTHER car.

9xmas88.jpg 4.82k
Christmas at Kel's Dad's 1988
9vical.jpg 3.26k
Oooo all dressed up!
9kelcrwn.jpg 12.43k
Nose up in the air as usual :) [Hi Kel!]

9adricrwn.jpg 13.02k
Are they Twins?
9a_grad.jpg 2.86k
Ever notice that the younger generation all dresses alike.
9halwn.jpg 3.13k
Welcome to our Crypt

9k29_1.jpg 5.53k
Cool Party Man
9k29_2.jpg 4.62k
mmmmm Cake...
9adrimum.jpg 3.88k
At Michelle's Wedding

9m_wed.jpg 3.20k
AT Michelle's Wedding
9amforml.jpg 3.71k
Ooooo all dressed up!
9miata1.jpg 6.90k
A semi-direct result of THIS

9hween97.jpg 4.03k
Do we know all of them?
9tgive1.jpg 3.95k
Nice Table Man
9tgive2.jpg 3.38k
Your servers tonight will be....

9tgive3.jpg 3.21k
Would you buy a used car from these guys?
9zorro.jpg 3.77k
Why didn't you wear a costume?
9O_1999.jpg 8.85k

9matthew_7mos.jpg 9.28k
Newest Member of the Family
9office_cube_l.jpg 11.99k
Cube Left
9office_cube_r.jpg 12.44k
Cube Right

9office_lab_sta.jpg 12.25k
Where I work
9matt_summer.jpg 11.77k
Coolin off in the Pool
9mrs_peacock.jpg 4.50k
How Rude!

9mrs_white.jpg 7.83k
Could you please leave more little soaps?
9mr_green.jpg 8.51k
Mr. Green is MARRIED to Mrs. White???
9col_mustard.jpg 8.67k
How Pithy!

9IMG_2076.jpg 4.80k
Silent-But-Deadly Bob
9IMG_2077.jpg 4.48k
Jedi Mind Trick

Begin Slideshow
Oooooo there's a 32 Photo Slideshow!

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