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We had our yearly Halloween party on November 2nd this year... Very busy fall. The 31st fell on a Friday and on Sushi night to boot. The 1st was my very lackluster 20th high school reunion, so the party had to be on a Sunday. Kel and I had been very busy so our hearts weren't in it this year.

Despite this, the party was hella fun and we had a great turnout. Got pics of almost everyone in costume except for Carissa and Lisa. Pat came as voice-over talent so no pic was needed.

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9IMG_3063.jpg 27.93k
Len Geisha and Kel Ninja
9IMG_3064.jpg 27.67k
Len Geisha
9IMG_3065.jpg 29.34k
Watch The Sword Kel

9IMG_3066.jpg 25.40k
Duff Man
9IMG_3067.jpg 28.72k
Yet Another Geisha
9IMG_3068.jpg 27.13k
Nihilist and the Dude

9IMG_3069.jpg 27.62k
Attack Marmot
9IMG_3070.jpg 26.31k
9IMG_3073.jpg 15.54k
What's Under The Coat Aran?

9IMG_3074.jpg 15.72k
Broken Promise
9IMG_3076.jpg 14.92k
Hip Melissa

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