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We are not party people, but when we hold a party or sometimes even when we just attend one, we take pictures. Here's a bunch.
BSDi Xmas Cruise 2000

15 shots plus a VR taken on what was our very last WC-CDROM related Christmas Cruise on the Bay.
Christmas 2000

14 shots taken at my Mom's house Christmas Day 2000
Denise's B-Day 2001

Adri hosted a big party at her house in June 2001 for our friend Denise. There are 39 pics and 2 VRs.
Labor Day 2001 BBQ

We hosted a big Labor Day BBQ in September 2001 that included food, darts, hot-tubbing and
dual video screens. EEK 52 shots!
Halloween 2001

The annual Halloween Party actually occured for once, in 2001. 19 Pics to peruse.
Memorial Day BBQ 2002

The annual Memorial Day BBQ. 19 Pics to peruse.
4th of July 2002

The 2002 July 4th BBQ
Halloween 2003

The Halloween 2003 Party
Christmas 2005

X-Mas Eve at Adri & Matt's House

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