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Christmas Eve 2005 At Adri's
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Adri's turn to host X-Mas Eve this year and it was a lot of fun. She made prime rib, colcannon, champagne carrots and garlic-parmesan broccoli. It was all great.

In addition to the usual suspects, Adri, Matt, Carissa, Aran, Kelleye, Gabriel and I, we were joined by Ivan and his mother Mary this year.

We all made out like bandits with the loot. Our turn next year...

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9IMG_4136.jpg 12.99k
Kel & Ivan
9IMG_4137.jpg 12.66k
Gabriel Toasting
9IMG_4138.jpg 15.92k
X-Mas Tree

9IMG_4139.jpg 13.89k
Table is Set
9IMG_4140.jpg 14.26k
Sleeping Kitty
9IMG_4141.jpg 14.78k
Matt & Mary

9IMG_4143.jpg 15.26k
Dinner Time 1
9IMG_4145.jpg 14.76k
Dinner Time 2
9IMG_4146.jpg 14.25k
Ready For Gifts

9IMG_4147.jpg 16.18k
Ready For Gifts
9IMG_4148.jpg 14.95k
Ivan Tears a New One
9IMG_4152.jpg 16.03k
Matt De-Bags One

9IMG_4153.jpg 11.49k
Adri Gets A Harrods Bear
9IMG_4154.jpg 12.60k
Aran Reads The Back
9IMG_4155.jpg 13.89k
Aran Shows the Front

9IMG_4157.jpg 14.09k
Carissa Checks For Prints
9IMG_4158.jpg 11.52k
Kelleye Pops A Cracker
9IMG_4159.jpg 16.13k
Ivan Admires Ribbon

9IMG_4162.jpg 14.08k
Matt Gets Waterford
9IMG_4163.jpg 12.71k
Aran Avoids Laundry
9IMG_4164.jpg 12.60k
Albert Gets an Aran Doll.. uh..

9IMG_4166.jpg 14.00k
The Last Bits
9IMG_4167.jpg 19.76k
The Ensuing Mess

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