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Kelleye got married on July 29th 1989 at Queen Of All Saints church in Concord. Oh yeah, I was there too, and Adri just barely made it into the car before we took off. We were paying for just about everything ourselves so we kept it tres petit, just immediate family. This peeved some folks but oh well. We obviously didn't hire a photographer, everyone invited brought a camera however and we have almost as many photos of this one day as all of our Disneyland pictures put together... almost. We had the reception in our very green lit backyard. I spent more time color-correcting these pics than any other section.

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9wed1.jpg 5.52k
Us with my Grandparents
9wed2.jpg 4.44k
Weird, he looks just like the groom...
9wed3.jpg 5.06k
Us with the parents

9wed4.jpg 4.74k
He doesn't LOOK nervous.
9kelmike.jpg 6.70k
Kelleye and Mike
9adrinoel.jpg 7.14k
Alana & Adri

9wed6.jpg 8.48k
Who's who?
9kelcake.jpg 7.22k
Mmmmmmm cake.
9chris.jpg 10.34k
The "Best" Man?

9cmvmav.jpg 7.84k
Chris & Michelle
9deetoop.jpg 10.01k
My Mom's parents + 1/2 of Kel's Aunt Nancy
9nonikar.jpg 6.76k
My Dad's Mother & my Step-Mother

9wed7.jpg 7.41k
There go the clones again.
9toopnonu.jpg 5.33k
My 2 Grandfathers

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Oooooo there's a 14 Photo Slideshow!

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