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Noni and my step-mother, Karen, chatting and drinking champagne.

Update March 28th, 2006. Noni passed away the evening of March 27th 2006 due to complications after having a fall that broke her shoulder and hip. She'd been in failing health now for the previous 6 months. She outlived my grandfather, the love of her life, by about 11 years but that didn't really slow her down too much. I'm ashamed to say I did not get to see her much in the last 3 or 4 years due to her moving a little further away in order to be closer to my aunt. Lousy excuse I know. Noni was my grandmother who could COOK! (Sorry Dee Dee... well you know :). Noni taught us to love the pasta, salami, pound cake and seven-up. From the time I was a baby till the last time Kel and I visited her, she was always the consumate host, immediately bringing out a spread of food and drinks that would feed a 'wrecking-crew' for a week.

Memory flashes:

I miss her very much.

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The Wedding : Slide 12 of 14
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