Looks like they'd be comfy on a front porch somewhere.
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This picture was so dark except for the sunny highlight marks on their faces that I had to do some really severe fixing. I think it came out OK if just a little bizarre. These are my two grandfathers Nonu & Toopa. At the time of the wedding I was working for my Dad at County Recycling and got to spend every day with both Dad and Nonu, who used to come down and help out around the place. He was pretty much deaf, and completely blind in one eye, so we put him in charge of the wood chipper :-). He'd work till around noon, then go home for lunch and a nap. Until that job, where I would sit around at 6:00 in the morning drinking coffee and eating doughnut, with him and a couple of the other guys, I never realized what a filthy mind he had! He also had the loudest potty-mouth in the entire plant. Everyone loved him. I'm glad I got the opportunity.
Two weeks before going to work for Walnut Creek CDROM, he passed away. As a matter of fact my second interview was on the day of his funeral (didn't bother changing clothes, the one and ONLY time I've worn a suit into this building).

Toopa is still going strong and I see him and Dee Dee all the time. OK I'll explain the name. I'm the oldest grandkid and when I started talking they tried to teach me to say "grandpa". Unfortunately for them my favorite food at the time was "Kool Pops" (like Otter Pops). Well I guess I got confused and it was probably thought of as adorable that instead of grandpa, I called him Toopa. Now all the other grandkids are stuck calling him that MUHAHAHAHAHA!

Addendum: Toopa passed away in January of 1998, which I mention on an earlier slide and we miss him very very much.

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The Wedding : Slide 14 of 14
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