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And now a look at the outside of Chateaux Du Chats!

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9house_may93.jpg 10.58k
Our First View of the House
9oldroof1.jpg 3.98k
Before we started on the roof.
9fronthouse1.jpg 3.74k
Right after the roof.

9fount.jpg 3.93k
Our first fountain.
9walk3.jpg 3.68k
New Entranceway from the street.
9walk1.jpg 4.91k
Several minutes after completion.

9walk4.jpg 4.19k
Entrance arbor after 2 years.
9rose1.jpg 6.08k
1 year after completion
9rose2.jpg 5.11k
More Roses!

9walk2.jpg 5.41k
Siddy Inspection
9mound1.jpg 5.43k
My Mountain
9arbor.jpg 4.71k
The Arbor

9mvscrn.jpg 4.45k
What's playing tonight?
91stprize_2000.jpg 12.52k
Entrance in 2000
9front_yard_2000.jpg 13.96k
Front Yard View in 2000

9jungle1_2000.jpg 13.68k
Lady Bug's POV
9jungle2_2000.jpg 14.75k
Big Roses, Little Mound
9roses_2000.jpg 12.97k
Rose Garden in 2000

9sterling_2000.jpg 12.51k
Sterling Silver Rose in 2000
9fountain_1100_1.jpg 12.97k
Our Third fountain.
9fountain_1100_2.jpg 12.83k
More fountain.

9fountain_1100_3.jpg 12.57k
Even More fountain.
9front_house_112000.jpg 11.75k
November 2000 Front View
9deck_side_112000.jpg 13.37k
Wide Angle Deck in Winter Mode

9backyard_1100.jpg 11.98k
Backyard looking North in November 2000
9deck_1100.jpg 12.43k
Deck in winter mode
9hot_tub_1100.jpg 10.72k
My new best friend

9backyard_1_01.jpg 8.93k
Backyard View
[ Quicktime VR ]
9apricot_b4_0101.jpg 11.34k
Apricot Before Hack-Job
9apricot_af_0101.jpg 12.12k
Apricot After Hack-Job

9apricot_b4_0101side.jpg 10.93k
Apricot Before Hack-Job II
9apricot_af_0101side.jpg 11.60k
Apricot After Hack-Job II
9139.jpg 31.05k
Pre-Season Treatment April 2002

9140.jpg 31.26k
Gettin Ready for the 2002 Season
9141.jpg 33.46k
Next Week the furniture comes out!!!
9vend1.jpg 5.15k
Default Vending Machine Look

9vend2.jpg 29.41k
With Muppet Graphics
9vend3.jpg 11.18k
Finally Apropos Graphics!
9IMG_2083.jpg 4.51k
Apricot tree 11/2002

9IMG_2084.jpg 4.77k
Winterized Deck 2002
9IMG_2085.jpg 5.23k
Covered Furniture
9IMG_2086.jpg 4.62k

9IMG_2088.jpg 4.80k
Winterized 2002
9IMG_2089.jpg 4.96k
Comfy Smokin' Spot
9MemdayPano1.jpg 29.09k
Backyard Panorama

9156a.jpg 33.36k
Memorial Day BBQ 2002
9312a.jpg 28.61k
Hangy Lights Yea!
9319a.jpg 33.73k
B-Yard Memorial Day BBQ 2002

9320a.jpg 29.90k
Backyard:Memorial Day BBQ 2002
9IMG_4399.jpg 11.52k
Spring 2006
9IMG_5367.jpg 17.93k
Spring 2007

9IMG_5368.jpg 18.71k
Spring 2007
9IMG_5370.jpg 28.47k
Spring 2007
9IMG_5371.jpg 16.69k
Spring 2007

9IMG_5372.jpg 21.26k
Spring 2007
9IMG_5377.jpg 23.66k
Spring 2007

Begin Slideshow
Oooooo there's a 56 Photo Slideshow!

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