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When Walnut Creek CDROM was merged/sold to BSDi, I stuck around for a few months then left for greener pastures. Kel stayed. Then BSDi was sold to Wind River. They closed the office and moved everyone to Alameda... which left a few things in the office that were no longer wanted... One item in particular was this here soda vending machine. While I was employed there I was the machine's sysadmin :)

When they were giving away all the unwanted stuff, Kel put my name on it! It took 3-5 of us about 3 hours to get this heavy monstrosity from the front yard to the back (big thanks to Mike and Matt!!!). We then spent the next few months rehabbing it so that now, (summer 2002), it's a fully armed and operational Vending Machine!!!

When we began, 3 of the 8 slots were dead, the lights didn't work, and the Pepsi graphics sucked. Several monthes later and after much hard work, mostly by Kel, all the slots work, the lights not only work but we have an external on/off switch for them, and we now have the ability to put whatever graphics we want in it!.

This pic was taken about 3 weeks after we moved the sucker in. The next 2 shots were taken in May/June 2002.

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The Outside : Slide 36 of 56
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