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During the Summer of 1997, Kelleye & I rebuilt the half of the kitchen that we did not mess with last year. This was a much bigger project as it involved moving 240v wiring, a gas line, and some load-bearing wall modifications.

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9ksld1.jpg 3.40k
Before we started.
9ksld2.jpg 2.92k
Decor removed
9ksld3.jpg 3.18k
Minus stove and upper cabinet.

9ksld4.jpg 3.02k
Minus Pantry and sheet-rock
9ksld5.jpg 3.55k
Plus Bar-hole & new electrical.
9ksld6.jpg 3.40k
Fit, PLEASE fit!

9ksld7.jpg 3.58k
Now we're cookin with gas!
9ksld8.jpg 3.88k
Plus Upper cabinets & sheetrock
9ksld9.jpg 4.57k
I got horrible jet-lag while this was done.

9kdone1.jpg 4.55k
Finally done...well almost.
9kdone2.jpg 4.56k
Beware the cat from hell!
9ladder.jpg 4.36k
Could ya give me a leg up?

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Oooooo there's a 12 Photo Slideshow!

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