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When we moved in to our house, the living room was all white with a powder blue wall-to-wall carpet. The walls were white, the ceiling was white, the fireplace was white. Welp we hated it so as soon as we could, we tore it all to shreds and started over. We pulled up the carpets, exposing a rather nice hardwood floor. We added a new dimension to the ceiling which I think turned out really well (good job Kel!), we repainted everything ashes of roses, and Kel stripped 17 layers of paint from the fireplace and re-did it in a marbleized black with gold trim.

It doesn't look anything like it used to. This year we added something new. We opened up a hole in the wall from the kitchen for our new breakfast bar, and are in the process of putting in 2 half walls to divide up the bowling alley a bit. I've still yet to find more "before" pictures. It didn't stay blue and white very long :)

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9lr1.jpg 3.21k
What it looked like when we moved in.
9lr2.jpg 2.09k
What the Fireplace looked like when we moved in.
9lr3.jpg 2.81k
What the front window looked like when we moved in.

9lr4.jpg 1.66k
What the Dining Room looked like when we moved in.
9xmas1.jpg 4.02k
Our First Christmas in the New House
9lr5.jpg 3.25k
The Entertainment Center in place after the 1st rebuild.

9lr6.jpg 3.39k
The Fireplace completely redone.
9lsld1.jpg 3.93k
Entertainment Center moved to the Den
9lsld2.jpg 3.89k
Right before we started on the Kitchen in '97

9bbar1.jpg 3.52k
Looks relaxing... 2x4 has splinters tho...
9lsld3.jpg 3.19k
The Hole has been cut!
9lsld4.jpg 2.96k
Plus Cabinets & Sconces

9lsld5.jpg 3.86k
Taking a break.
9lsld6.jpg 2.76k
Breakfast Bar Complete (long view)
9lsld7.jpg 2.62k
Breakfast Bar done (closer view)

9lsld8.jpg 3.78k
Another angle from 1997
9alltank.jpg 5.53k
The Salt Tank
9lsld9.jpg 4.36k
Another angle from 1997

9livingroom1_112000.jpg 10.11k
Living Room Panorama 1 (11/2000)
9livingroom2_112000.jpg 9.72k
Living Room Panorama 2 (11/2000)
9IMG_2167.jpg 31.99k
The Half-Wall 1

9IMG_2168.jpg 31.34k
The Half-Wall 2
9IMG_2169.jpg 32.96k
The Half-Wall 3
9IMG_2170.jpg 30.34k
The Half-Wall 4

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