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We put up with a completely inadequate kitchen from the time we moved into the house in August 1993 until late this summer of 1997. During the summer of 1996 we began the remodel job, completing the first half at the end of summer 1996. We did the second half as documented in Kitchen Rebuild '97. This is a small collection of photos from before that rebuild. I hope to track down and scan more from '96s rebuild real soon.

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9oldkit1.jpg 3.79k
What it looked like when we moved in.
9oldsink.jpg 3.51k
The old sink.
9midsink.jpg 3.62k
Down to the studs.

9sink1.jpg 3.76k
The New Sink!
9newsink.jpg 3.72k
The New Sink Again!
9kitch.jpg 8.83k
New Counters

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