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When we moved into this house we kinda wondered what the big round area in our patio was originally. Over the years we've come up with various ideas and have done a couple of minor things to it, like planting wildflowers, putting the chiminea in it and bricking over part of it. In the Spring of 2003 we decided to dig it out and turn it into a Koi Pond.

We got it all pretty much done by the end of June... If we'd not gone to Tokyo it probably would have taken much less time.

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9foggy-old.jpg 5.24k
Koi Pond Project 2003:Obligatory Before Shot
9pre-pond52002.jpg 3.76k
Obligatory Before Shot II
9foggyhole.jpg 3.83k
Oh please! Oh please!

9koi1.jpg 5.12k
Can you dig it?
9cement1.jpg 3.77k
Hunka Hunka Heavy Concrete
9stump1.jpg 3.85k
Petrified Wood

9koi2.jpg 4.87k
9IMG_2214.jpg 3.96k
Phase 1 Cement
9IMG_2235.jpg 4.73k
More Digging

9IMG_2237.jpg 4.47k
Detail of ReShape
9IMG_2238.jpg 4.95k
9IMG_2239.jpg 5.09k

9IMG_2240.jpg 4.82k
Residual Water
9IMG_2241.jpg 3.99k
Phase 2 Cement
9IMG_2242.jpg 4.14k
Electrical Conduit

9IMG_2243.jpg 3.86k
Pase 2 Setting
9IMG_2244.jpg 4.51k
Opposite View
9IMG_2837.jpg 4.06k
Two Months Later

9IMG_2851.jpg 4.30k
Gravel and Thinset
9IMG_2853.jpg 4.93k
Gravel and Thinset Finishing
9IMG_2854.jpg 4.95k
Kel Doing Finishing Touches

9IMG_2856.jpg 4.35k
Kel Doing Finishing Touches
9IMG_2858.jpg 4.73k
Dry Run
9IMG_2859.jpg 4.22k
Wet Run 1

9IMG_2861.jpg 4.61k
Wet Run 2
9IMG_2862.jpg 4.37k
With a Plant
9IMG_2864.jpg 4.78k
Up Higher

9IMG_2866.jpg 4.75k
More Lights!
9IMG_2868.jpg 5.28k
Plants Installed
9IMG_2869.jpg 5.91k

9IMG_2871.jpg 5.07k
9IMG_2875.jpg 4.82k
9IMG_2876.jpg 3.53k

9IMG_2877.jpg 2.43k
At Night
9IMG_2884.jpg 4.51k
All Done

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Oooooo there's a 35 Photo Slideshow!

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