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In 1994 we took on the biggest project on the house before and after. This was not just a simple re-shingling, oh no. Well it was if yer a City Building inspector....

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9oldrf1.jpg 3.98k
Before we started on the roof.
9byard1.jpg 4.28k
Back Patio Left.
9byard2.jpg 3.45k
Back Patio Right.

9beam1.jpg 4.34k
Back Patio Construction
9beam2.jpg 3.59k
Another view of the Roof construction
9ply1.jpg 3.64k
Actual Construction action shot!

9roof2.jpg 4.49k
New Rafters
9roof3.jpg 4.63k
Kinda Tired and Dirty
9roof4.jpg 3.82k
The Patio

9roof1.jpg 3.11k
Looking from Walnut Ave.
9fhouse1.jpg 3.74k
All Done!

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Oooooo there's an 11 Photo Slideshow!

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