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This room in our house was an addition, built sometime in the 50s or 60s. We used it as our Master bedroom for the first 8 years then in the Fall of 2001, transformed it into our Media Room. Sort of a combination of our old office and den. On one side is Computer Central, the nerve center of our home. On the other side is all the AV gear, with tentacles stretching out to every other corner of the house.

Here are some pics of it right after the move was complete... Yeah that's me in the slug-chair, watching TV while Kel slaves away with the camera.

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9img_1297.jpg 4.73k
Kel's Control Center
9img_1299.jpg 3.94k
Me in Wind-Down Mode
9img_1300.jpg 3.35k

9img_1301.jpg 4.05k
Media Center
9img_1302.jpg 4.50k
Wider View
9img_1303.jpg 4.20k
Computer Side

9img_1304.jpg 4.59k
9img_1305.jpg 4.49k
Tall Shot
9img_1306.jpg 3.33k
Media Room

9img_1307.jpg 4.00k
Media Room

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