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This room has seen the most chenges since we moved in, not so much in decor, but in uses. It started out as Adri's bedroom. She picked the original color scheme of belleek walls with black trim and we've pretty much stuck to it, as we thought they were cool colors too.

Once she moved out we transformed the room into our TV-room/Den, and it remained that way until December 2001. That's wehn we swapped all the rooms around and made this our Guest bedroom. We started getting the decorating itch again and decided to make this our Adventureland room. Within months of nailing down the concepts, and after some heavy onine purchasing, it looks great! Our first guest to beta-test the room, was Aran, on New Years Eve. He like to avoid the drunks after our NYE party so he staywed the night. gave it thumbs up.

In April 2003 we are expecting our friend Matt, from England, who'll be staying with us for 2 weeks. I hope he likes the jungle!

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9den.jpg 8.76k
The Den: AA (AfterAdri)
9den1_112000.jpg 13.41k
Den shot 1 Nov 2000
9den2_112000.jpg 10.26k
Den shot 2 Nov 2000

9den3_112000.jpg 12.42k
Den shot 3 Nov 2000
9den4_112000.jpg 10.02k
Den shot 4 Nov 2000
9IMG_2128.jpg 37.02k
The New Guest Room I

9IMG_2129.jpg 37.35k
The New Guest Room II
9IMG_2171.jpg 30.54k
The New Guest Room III
9IMG_2172.jpg 31.67k
The New Guest Room IV

9window1.jpg 33.43k
The New Guest Room V
9door-wide.jpg 28.43k
The New Guest Room VI
9closet1.jpg 31.51k
The New Guest Room VII

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