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We bought a Hot Tub in August of 2000 and for the first year of operation we pretty much enjoyed it stand-alone. For shade we used a pop-up shelter. The plan always was to build seating and a more permanent shade arrangement. I began designing it shortly after the tub was installed, but then put off the construction until March.

At that time I changed the design completely, bought the wood, then slowly began the yucky tedious part: digging post-holes, setting post brackets and varnishing the redwood. As there would be a lot of water and chemical contact with the deck I chose to use some really heavy duty expensive varnish, and to also pre-varnish all the lumber before assembly. Past experience has shown me it's easier to varnish the hard to reach bits before they are hard to reach!

Between April and mid-July (with a brief vacation to WDW in the middle) I got all the boring annoying parts done and it was time for the tinker-toy part. I got most of it done by mid-August 2001, with only the canvas top left to go. As with most of our projects, the design changed on the fly quite a bit. The most major change was the top. I'd originally planned for a gazebo-type hip roof with a lattice covering. I suck at cutting rafters tho so I was not looking forward to that part. Late in the game (after the top beams were installed) I came up with the idea for the retractable canvas top. This was much easier to install, reduced the overall height, and would allow us to enjoy the stars at night. I did a test with a cheapo tarp and it worked great so we ordered a white 10x10 canvas tarp.

As of August 16th I only have the first 5 pics we took, which show the point where the posts are set and I'm installed the bench supports. More to come!

(Note: 2 pics have not much to do with the hot tub deck... we acquired a soda machine when my old company (and Kelleye's current employer) closed their Concord office. It's contents go well with the Hot Tub tho so...

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9tubdeck01.jpg 5.11k
First Beams
9tubdeck02.jpg 5.00k
On the Level
9tubdeck03.jpg 5.50k
Hot Tub Deck

9tubdeck04.jpg 5.58k
Pile of Lumber
9tubdeck05.jpg 4.97k
Hot Tub Deck
9tubdeck06.jpg 4.54k

9tubdeck07.jpg 4.60k
Bench Support
9tubdeck08.jpg 4.35k
Back Bench
9tubdeck09.jpg 4.37k
Kitty Hideout

9tubdeck10.jpg 4.04k
Hot Tub Deck
9tubdeck11.jpg 5.22k
From the Patio
9tubdeck12.jpg 5.07k
Topped Off

9tubdeck13.jpg 4.99k
Hot Tub Deck
9tubdeck14.jpg 4.89k
Hot Tub Deck
9tubdeck15.jpg 4.66k
Hot Tub Deck

9tubdeck16.jpg 4.46k
Hot Tub Deck
9tubdeck17.jpg 11.76k
Hot Tub Deck
9tubdeck18.jpg 4.51k
Hot Tub Deck

9tubdeck19.jpg 4.01k
Hot Tub Deck
9tubdeck20.jpg 4.23k
Hot Tub Deck
9tubdeck21.jpg 5.15k
Hot Tub Deck

9tubdeck22.jpg 3.48k
Hot Tub Deck
9tubdeck23.jpg 4.94k
Beverage Machine
9tubdeck24.jpg 4.17k
Guinness Machine

9tubdeck25.jpg 4.52k
From the Beverage Machine
9tubdeck26.jpg 10.00k
Projector Test
9tubdeck27.jpg 12.09k
Hot Water + Movies = Ahhhhhhh

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