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Mmmmmm Bengal BBQ....

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9jung63.jpg 5.14k
This has changed a bit in 34 years.
9advt68.jpg 3.26k
"Don't worry son, I'll fight off the head-hunters"
9swiss68.jpg 5.37k
Drop him!!!

9swiss.jpg 6.04k
Uh.. these leaves need dusting...
9patjung.jpg 5.81k
He SAYS he wrote all the jokes but....
9jungle.jpg 3.79k
It's a jungle out there...but never a line!

9indylin.jpg 3.95k
The Intrepid Explorers
9indyxit.jpg 5.17k
Who ya gonna pick?
9114-1434_IMG.jpg 5.19k
Walkin' Thru Adventureland

9114-1435_IMG.jpg 5.44k
Jungle Cruise Queue
9114-1436_IMG.jpg 5.70k
Aladdin's Oasis
9114-1437_IMG.jpg 4.50k
Adventureland Bazaar

9116-1641_IMG.jpg 5.28k
Tarzan's Treehouse
9116-1642_IMG.jpg 4.40k
Above Adventureland
9116-1643_IMG.jpg 6.23k
Up in the Tree

9116-1644_IMG.jpg 4.68k
Over The River Belle
9116-1645_IMG.jpg 5.44k
Bridge Over Adventureland
9116-1646_IMG.jpg 6.54k
Indy Empty Queue

9116-1647_IMG.jpg 5.30k
Looking Up A Tree
9116-1648_IMG.jpg 4.43k
More Adventureland Shopping
9116-1649_IMG.jpg 5.34k
Even More Adventureland Shopping

9116-1650_IMG.jpg 5.56k
Strolling Through Adventureland
9116-1651_IMG.jpg 5.15k
Adventureland Details
9116-1652_IMG.jpg 3.49k
Adventureland Entrance

9116-1653_IMG.jpg 5.04k
Enchanted Tiki Room
9116-1654_IMG.jpg 4.90k
Aran in Adventureland
9116-1655_IMG.jpg 5.84k
Tiki Room Exit

9116-1656_IMG.jpg 5.53k
Adventureland's Hidden Courtyard
9IMG_4080a.jpg 39.78k
Tiki Room Rebirth
9IMG_4081.jpg 16.71k
Tiki Room Rebirth

9IMG_4082.jpg 16.64k
Tiki Room Rebirth
9IMG_4083.jpg 21.05k
Matterhorn from the Tiki Room
9IMG_4084.jpg 14.13k
Adventureland Sign Torchified

9IMG_8973.jpg 18.90k
Harper Goff's Window
9IMG_8975.jpg 22.53k
Tarzan Treehouse
9IMG_9152.jpg 19.57k
Duck Dock

9IMG_9153.jpg 23.91k
Aran and Kel On The Jungle Cruise
9IMG_9155.jpg 22.77k
All 3 Of Us On The Jungle Cruise
9IMG_9156.jpg 20.84k
Elephant Bathing Pool

9IMG_9158.jpg 25.18k
Gorilla's In A Tent
9IMG_9159.jpg 23.14k
Schweitzer Falls
9IMG_9162.jpg 24.18k
His Mother In Law

9IMG_9163.jpg 23.22k
Circle of Life - Can You Feel The Love?
9IMG_9164.jpg 23.32k
Point Taken
9IMG_9167.jpg 21.66k
Hungry Hungry

9IMG_9170.jpg 22.15k
Backside Of Water
9IMG_9176.jpg 19.58k
9IMG_9179.jpg 23.93k
Trader Sam

9IMG_9182.jpg 22.05k
Return To Civilization
9IMG_9184.jpg 22.84k
Backside Of Adventureland Sign
9IMG_9185.jpg 20.59k
Bazaar Decor

9IMG_9186.jpg 21.69k
Bazaar Decor

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