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No this PAGE is not under construction, parts of Disneyland were when we took these shots. They are some of my favorites!

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9splsh3.jpg 3.91k
My oldest Splash Mountain construction shot.
9splsh2.jpg 3.68k
It doesn't look like much right now.
9splsh1.jpg 2.91k
Almost done!

9fantasmc.jpg 3.73k
Who let the water outta the river?
9toonc1.jpg 2.80k
No Toons Here!
9toonc2.jpg 2.66k
No Toons Here Either!

9carnatin.jpg 4.96k
No more Matterhorn Sundaes!
9tlandc.jpg 3.39k
Uh.. that's a white pencil in her hand...yeah a pencil.
9inov2.jpg 4.30k
Oh Boy a trade show!

9obtrn.jpg 2.98k
Where is that thing aimed?
9a_orb_c.jpg 4.37k
Lookin' thru the door....
9orb_c2.jpg 5.01k
Better view.

9orbhead.jpg 3.53k
What's growing outta Aran's head?
9hub_c.jpg 5.43k
This happened overnight...
9pa_orb1.jpg 3.95k
View from Matterhorn Walkway

9pa_orb2.jpg 5.21k
View from Main Street
9ptlandc.jpg 5.23k
View from the Space Mountain Queue
9IMG_8788.jpg 20.42k
World Of Color Coming Soon

9IMG_8790.jpg 20.71k
Paradise Bay Drained For World Of Color
9IMG_8799.jpg 21.24k
Me In DCA During Huge Construction Boom Of 2009
9IMG_8886.jpg 20.71k
Little Mermaid Ride To Be

9IMG_8888.jpg 21.96k
Paradise Bay and World Of Color Seating Area 2009
9IMG_8890.jpg 23.19k
World Of Color Hardware 2009
9IMG_8896.jpg 19.79k
New World Of Color Lighting 2009

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