CA Adventure
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It's like a mini Disney/MGM.

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9113-1389_IMG.jpg 4.34k
Hollywood Backlot Entrance
9113-1390_IMG.jpg 4.65k
Hyperion Theater
9114-1482_IMG.jpg 4.46k
Soap Opera Bistro

9114-1483_IMG.jpg 5.63k
Gone Hollywood
9114-1484_IMG.jpg 4.66k
More Hollywood
9114-1485_IMG.jpg 5.80k
Award Wieners

9114-1486_IMG.jpg 4.38k
Some More Hollywood
9114-1487_IMG.jpg 2.62k
Draw Dumbo
9114-1488_IMG.jpg 3.73k
Down the Side Street

9114-1489_IMG.jpg 5.27k
MuppetVision 3D
9114-1490_IMG.jpg 4.38k
Animation Exhibit
9114-1491_IMG.jpg 4.90k
Hollywood Shops

9114-1492_IMG.jpg 4.95k
Rhymes with Ducks or Flows
9114-1493_IMG.jpg 5.06k
MuppetVision Queue 1
9114-1494_IMG.jpg 5.49k
MuppetVision Queue 2

9114-1495_IMG.jpg 3.78k
MuppetVision Queue 3
9114-1496_IMG.jpg 4.34k
Rizzo's Prop Shop
9114-1497_IMG.jpg 4.72k
MuppetVision Exit

9114-1498_IMG.jpg 4.44k
Smoking Area in DCA's Hollywood
9116-1657_IMG.jpg 5.07k
Hollywood Entrance 2
9116-1658_IMG.jpg 5.22k
Rizzo's Prop Shop 2

9116-1659_IMG.jpg 4.96k
MuppetVision Queue 4
9IMG_4133.jpg 9.24k
Building in Hollywood Backlot
9IMG_4134a.jpg 36.05k
Hollywood Tower Hotel

9IMG_8803.jpg 14.42k
Tower Of Terror
9IMG_8824.jpg 22.50k
Store Window On Hollywood Blvd
9IMG_8825.jpg 20.50k
Looking at Monsters Inc. Ride

9IMG_8828.jpg 17.05k
Tower Of Terror
9IMG_8832.jpg 23.50k
Hollywood Blvd
9IMG_8833.jpg 20.47k
Movie Equipment

9IMG_8835.jpg 21.75k
Mike And Sully To The Rescue
9IMG_8837.jpg 18.18k
Monsters Inc. Queue
9IMG_8889.jpg 20.75k
Tower Of Terror

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