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We had a pretty good time in December 2001 exploring this new park for the first time. Every pic you see here or in the 4 subsections was taken on that trip.

So far the only thing on this page is a Quicktime VR I made, which get's all but the Sunshine Plaza in one shot...

I split the rest of the park up into it's various lands.

Click-able Map DCA:Sunshine Plaza
DCA:Hollywood Backlot
DCA:Golden State
DCA:Paradise Pier

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Click on one of these 1 Fabulous Pics for more details and a bigger picture.
9dca_vr.jpg 3.90k
A Full 370 Degree Quicktime VR

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Other Lands
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Main Street USA  ] MiscellaneousLand  ] New Orleans Square  ] SlideshowLand  ]
Tomorrowland  ] Toon Town  ]

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