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9cast63.jpg 2.91k
Geez lookit all the short hair!
9cast68.jpg 3.89k
If you take him in, he'll never want to leave!.
9cast72.jpg 4.40k
Waited til day 2 this time... smart

9pancst2.jpg 6.93k
The Frontside of Castle
9kacastle.jpg 4.94k
We'll storm the castle after we finish our coffee...
9pancast.jpg 5.41k
The Backside of Castle

9pancst3.jpg 5.94k
Pointing is very rude.
9115-1546_IMG.jpg 2.74k
Castle By Night 12-2001
9115-1555_IMG.jpg 3.55k
Back Of Castle By Night

9IMG_4065a.jpg 41.28k
Castle During the 50th
9IMG_4112.jpg 15.35k
Castle Decked out for the 50th
9IMG_4113.jpg 15.18k

9IMG_4114.jpg 16.16k
Melissa and Kelleye
9IMG_4120.jpg 11.92k
Back of Castle
9IMG_9031.jpg 14.66k
From The Mark Twain

9IMG_9054.jpg 19.70k
On A Sunny October Day
9IMG_9055.jpg 17.89k
From The End Of Main Street With The Matterhorn
9IMG_9056.jpg 17.07k
Walking Across The Hub

9IMG_9059.jpg 21.89k
Kel and Aran
9IMG_9061.jpg 18.87k
October 2009
9IMG_9062.jpg 20.48k
Work Being Done In The Moat

9IMG_9063.jpg 20.30k

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