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9dum68.jpg 4.28k
Trip #17
9dum_81.jpg 5.81k
Geez it used to be so bland looking...
9ovr_dum.jpg 5.43k

9apgdum.jpg 4.66k
Ho Hum, I'm sick
9kldum1.jpg 5.63k
9kldum2.jpg 4.89k
Weeeeeeee again!

9pat_dumb.jpg 5.43k
Am I in trouble?
9k_dumbo.jpg 6.58k
Posin' on a Dumbo - 2/95
9dpose97.jpg 5.07k
Uh... is that a trunk in your pants or are....

9IMG_4127.jpg 17.61k
Me and Kel on a Gold Dumbo

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