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This section got so big I had to split it up into a bunch of little subsections. Check them out or just look at the generic Fantasyland pics.

Carrousel Castle
Dark Rides Dumbo
Mad Tea Party

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9mom56.jpg 3.29k
Back when Disneyland was in Black and White...
9fant79.jpg 5.28k
Sitting around again.
9onmat79.jpg 6.32k
Are we getting on or getting off?

9lkhaus.jpg 4.83k
Do they serve Space Burgers here?
9panbuck.jpg 3.90k
Why do we call them Death-Buckets?
9caseyjr.jpg 5.10k
Another shot from the Death-Buckets

9monstro.jpg 4.90k
Mmmmmmmm fish.
9matnt2.jpg 3.31k
Ya had to be there.
9grp_mat.jpg 3.52k
I'm walking backwards..tell me if I run into anything.

9olpbnch.jpg 5.10k
Good place for a bench; right outside the ladies restroom.
9nvrnvr.jpg 4.97k
Never say Never-Never
9toxic.jpg 4.41k
Smells like Chlorine back here.

9toxic2.jpg 3.78k
Don't drink the water!
9mhorn1.jpg 3.48k
Forced perspective at work.
9114-1441_IMG.jpg 5.18k
Matterhorn from Alice

9114-1442_IMG.jpg 5.39k
Aran and the Whale
9114-1443_IMG.jpg 5.46k
My Chum Aran
9115-1573_IMG.jpg 3.36k
Small World Holiday 1

9115-1574_IMG.jpg 3.81k
Small World Holiday 2
9115-1575_IMG.jpg 4.16k
Small World Holiday 3
9115-1576_IMG.jpg 4.48k
Illiteracy In Action

9115-1577_IMG.jpg 3.46k
Good Matterhorn at Night
9115-1600_IMG.jpg 4.67k
Smoking Area
9116-1601_IMG.jpg 4.31k
Smoking Area

9IMG_4096.jpg 11.70k
Kel on the Matterhorn
9IMG_4097.jpg 15.20k
Melissa and Pat on the Matterhorn
9IMG_4117.jpg 16.19k
Misc Fantasyland Foliage

9IMG_4119.jpg 14.08k
The Sword in the St.. er .. Anvil
9IMG_8575.jpg 18.33k
9IMG_8576.jpg 21.63k

9IMG_8584.jpg 23.71k
Landscaping Near The Old Motorboat Cruise Dock
9IMG_8586.jpg 24.06k
Landscaping Near The Old Motorboat Cruise Dock
9IMG_8593.jpg 22.91k
Me, Kel and Aran Kicking Back in Fantasyland

9IMG_8613.jpg 23.86k
Look! A Photo Spot!
9IMG_9069.jpg 20.43k
Getting Crowded

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