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Mad Tea Party
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9tcups81.jpg 5.26k
Forgot how cheesy Fantasyland used to look...
9madtea.jpg 5.39k
Can we ride that?
9tcups2.jpg 5.95k
Where's Waldo

9katcup.jpg 5.30k
Sharing a cuppa.
9tcups3.jpg 6.15k
More Teacups
9tcups4.jpg 5.69k
Yeah we get the idea.... enough with the teacups.

9on_tcups.jpg 5.50k
Guess we can!
9tcups97.jpg 4.28k
I just don't get tired of these pics...
9IMG_4129.jpg 16.37k
Kel and I in a Gold Teacup

9IMG_8577.jpg 25.40k
2009 View

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