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9colum68.jpg 4.48k
I'd rather go back to Fantasyland Dad
9col2_68.jpg 4.14k
I'm really going now.
9riv88.jpg 3.75k
1988 River

9rvreat.jpg 5.15k
Mmmmmm breakfast.
9twain1.jpg 4.77k
Comin' 'round the bend.
9lktwan.jpg 4.66k
They look happy...must have escaped the family.

9panbtm.jpg 5.96k
9e_fro1.jpg 3.90k
Aahhhh Peace.
9e_fro2.jpg 3.55k
More Peace.

9kltree.jpg 5.73k
The OTHER Tree-house
9panfro.jpg 4.44k
Can you believe this is August?
9grpfant.jpg 3.97k
Will it NEVER start?

9bvila2.jpg 5.44k
I wish we could find a good place for that plant...
9bird.jpg 5.51k
Do NOT try this at home!
9bvilla.jpg 55.22k
That Bouganvilla looks better than ours...

9kabtm.jpg 4.09k
I'm tired of color correcting this one.
9on_btmrr.jpg 4.51k
Shouldn't I be holding on...
9ftsmcw8.jpg 3.61k
They look so happy...can't tell they're bored outta their skulls :)

9ontrain.jpg 5.30k
Please no standing.
9raftq.jpg 4.37k
Waitin' to hitch a lift to the island.
9114-1448_IMG.jpg 5.94k
Rainbow Ridge

9114-1449_IMG.jpg 5.97k
Rainbow Ridge 2
9114-1450_IMG.jpg 6.09k
Big Thunder Splashdown
9115-1557_IMG.jpg 1.08k
Big Thunder Mountain at Night

9115-1571_IMG.jpg 2.15k
Frontierland After Dark
9116-1603_IMG.jpg 5.10k
Big Thunder Trail
9116-1604_IMG.jpg 5.33k
Stuff on the Big Thunder Trail

9116-1605_IMG.jpg 4.95k
Smoking Area
9116-1606_IMG.jpg 5.76k
More On Big Thunder Trail
9116-1607_IMG.jpg 5.23k
Frontierland Entrance

9116-1608_IMG.jpg 4.22k
Shops in Frontierland
9116-1609_IMG.jpg 4.96k
Shootin' Arcade
9116-1610_IMG.jpg 3.83k
Shops in Frontierland

9116-1611_IMG.jpg 3.82k
Shops in Frontierland
9116-1612_IMG.jpg 5.86k
Rancho del Zocalo
9116-1613_IMG.jpg 5.15k
Columbia in Port

9116-1614_IMG.jpg 4.86k
Columbia at the Dock
9116-1624_IMG.jpg 3.57k
Columbia Under Way
9116-1625_IMG.jpg 3.87k
Columbia Dead Ahead

9116-1626_IMG.jpg 5.71k
Columbia Passing By
9116-1627_IMG.jpg 5.78k
Columbia Into the Wilderness
9IMG_4072.jpg 14.44k
Addition to Castle Rock

9IMG_4078.jpg 14.11k
Mark Twain in 50th Regalia
9IMG_4079.jpg 11.84k
Mark Twain in 50th Regalia
9IMG_4085.jpg 17.34k
Front Row Seats on the Mark Twain

9IMG_4086.jpg 14.39k
9IMG_4087.jpg 15.59k
Indian Chief
9IMG_4088.jpg 16.18k
Indian Kid

9IMG_4089.jpg 15.29k
Indian Shaman
9IMG_4090.jpg 16.64k
9IMG_4091.jpg 14.40k

9IMG_4092.jpg 14.50k
Pontoon Bridge
9IMG_4130.jpg 18.39k
Presidentially Pardoned Turkeys
9IMG_8620.jpg 25.06k
Halloween Wagon

9IMG_8621.jpg 24.95k
Halloween Big Thunder Ranch
9IMG_8627.jpg 24.30k
Aran And Me With Halloween Decor
9IMG_8633.jpg 24.05k
Runaway Mine Train

9IMG_8636.jpg 21.33k
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
9IMG_8642.jpg 24.00k
Kel, Aran And I Begin Our BTMR Ride
9IMG_8643.jpg 19.27k
Big Thunder Mountain

9IMG_8646.jpg 24.95k
Hold On Or Take A PIcture? Take A Picture!
9IMG_8661.jpg 16.95k
Switzerland In The Distance
9IMG_8662.jpg 25.26k
Columbia In For Deck Oiling

9IMG_8663.jpg 25.21k
Fowler's Harbor
9IMG_8664.jpg 18.26k
Raft To Tom Sawyer's Island
9IMG_8667.jpg 24.32k
Whale Of A Wind Vane

9IMG_8670.jpg 24.05k
Columbia Rigging
9IMG_8672.jpg 24.90k
About To Raft Over To The Pirate's Lair
9IMG_8674.jpg 22.67k
Kel And Aran On A Raft

9IMG_8675.jpg 18.40k
Mark Twain Up River
9IMG_8676.jpg 23.16k
21 Years After The Original Shot
9IMG_8677.jpg 19.36k
Mark Twain

9IMG_8679.jpg 19.99k
New Signs On The Island
9IMG_8683.jpg 22.51k
I Beg Aran And Kel To Rescue Me
9IMG_8684.jpg 24.58k
Aran Tries But Gets Caught As Well

9IMG_8685.jpg 24.80k
9IMG_8688.jpg 25.00k
Waterfall on Tom Sawyer's Island
9IMG_8690.jpg 21.89k
Pirate NOT Giving Up.

9IMG_8693.jpg 22.34k
Abandoned Mine Train
9IMG_8695.jpg 22.16k
Indian Village
9IMG_8697.jpg 18.09k
From Here You Can See THE FUTURE!

9IMG_8700.jpg 21.87k
Aran and I Relax On Our Hoard.
9IMG_8703.jpg 25.07k
Nice Quiet Pathway On The Island
9IMG_8704.jpg 21.92k
Aran Looks For Prarie Dogs.

9IMG_8709.jpg 19.61k
Kel And Aran Take A Raft Back
9IMG_8985.jpg 18.60k
Mark Twain Works
9IMG_8988.jpg 18.49k
Space Mountain Peeks Over The Building

9IMG_8990.jpg 19.12k
Mark Twain Dock
9IMG_8992.jpg 12.08k
Mark Twain Stack
9IMG_8993.jpg 22.15k
Mark Twain Flags

9IMG_8994.jpg 21.92k
Aran And Kel On The Mark Twain
9IMG_8998.jpg 21.08k
Petrified Tree
9IMG_9000.jpg 20.32k
Mark Twain Wheelhouse

9IMG_9002.jpg 19.28k
Riverbell Terrace and Adventureland
9IMG_9005.jpg 17.82k
Aran On The Top Deck Of The Mark Twain
9IMG_9006.jpg 22.99k

9IMG_9021.jpg 20.19k
Howdy Chief!
9IMG_9023.jpg 22.00k
Abandoned Tunnel
9IMG_9029.jpg 18.99k
Sights Along The Rivers Of America

9IMG_9032.jpg 21.62k
Dia De Las Muertos In Frontierland
9IMG_9033.jpg 23.20k
Dia De Las Muertos In Frontierland
9IMG_9034.jpg 26.62k
Dia De Las Muertos In Frontierland

9IMG_9035.jpg 25.30k
Dia De Las Muertos In Frontierland
9IMG_9036.jpg 25.69k
Zocalo Park
9IMG_9037.jpg 18.33k
Ray Bradbury Halloween Tree

9IMG_9038.jpg 26.37k
Ray Bradbury Halloween Tree
9IMG_9039.jpg 24.28k
Ray Bradbury Halloween Tree
9IMG_9040.jpg 19.34k
Ray Bradbury Halloween Tree

9IMG_9041.jpg 25.00k
Ray Bradbury Halloween Tree

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