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9mick68.jpg 4.93k
Nice shades Mom.
9train79.jpg 4.67k
This isn't Big Thunder?
9grp87.jpg 5.58k
Where's the food?

9cstum87.jpg 4.09k
I wish they still did this.
9matnite.jpg 2.70k
Night shot attempt...
9ferris.jpg 5.69k
This was a lousy idea...

9hub88.jpg 4.91k
We've reached a crossroads...
9len_mmsy.jpg 5.19k
Resting our feet in June of '88
9mikglb.jpg 5.58k
On top of the world.

9lengrot.jpg 5.59k
Lookin' for a wedding site :)
9panmain.jpg 4.70k
Geez the Castle looks far away!
9prtygras.jpg 3.88k
Must be the helium makin his voice sound like that...

9grotto.jpg 5.01k
Am I the only enthused one?
9abored.jpg 4.54k
Settle down Adri or we'll turn this park around and go home.
9crowd.jpg 4.02k
What a snotty picture.

9triton.jpg 4.99k
Great another place to get wet.
9c_garden.jpg 4.26k
Nothing like Ice Cream in January to empty a place out.
9kamain.jpg 5.74k
Is that snow on the ground?

9partners.jpg 4.03k
"..and this is Main Street USA."
"...uh, Walt I know, I live here remember?"
9katree.jpg 4.87k
I'm Dreaming of a wet Christmas
9mainrain.jpg 4.23k
Rain = Less Crowds Folks!

9pstatn.jpg 6.00k
Unique picture it's not.
9114-1410_IMG.jpg 3.49k
Opera House
9114-1411_IMG.jpg 4.37k
City Hall

9114-1412_IMG.jpg 5.40k
A Motley Group
9114-1413_IMG.jpg 3.75k
Xmas 2001 on Main Street
9114-1414_IMG.jpg 5.22k
Main Street Cinema

9114-1415_IMG.jpg 5.94k
Shops on Main Street
9114-1416_IMG.jpg 5.28k
Shops on Main Street
9114-1417_IMG.jpg 3.51k
Xmas Tree on Main Street

9114-1418_IMG.jpg 4.60k
Park About To Open
9114-1438_IMG.jpg 4.09k
Main Street Omnibus
9115-1582_IMG.jpg 3.77k
Hub at Night during Xmas-time

9115-1583_IMG.jpg 3.51k
Hub at Night during Xmas-time
9115-1584_IMG.jpg 4.11k
Xmas After Dark
9115-1585_IMG.jpg 4.24k
Xmas After Dark 2

9IMG_4061.jpg 13.69k
Main Street Train Station
9IMG_4062.jpg 13.43k
Photo Collage
9IMG_4063.jpg 24.43k
Me and the X-Mas Tree

9IMG_4064.jpg 24.11k
X-Mas Tree
9IMG_4098a.jpg 38.25k
9IMG_4099.jpg 13.27k
Main Street X-Mas Decor

9IMG_4115.jpg 15.58k
Snow White Grotto
9IMG_8509.jpg 17.27k
HalloweenTime Decor
9IMG_8750.jpg 21.32k
Opera House At Dusk

9IMG_8969.jpg 20.25k
Mickey Has A Special Friend!
9IMG_8971.jpg 23.96k
Parade Trouble More Aptly
9IMG_9042.jpg 16.39k
Partners At Dusk

9IMG_9043.jpg 19.15k
Pooh Pumpkin
9IMG_9049.jpg 20.33k
Goofy Skeleton!
9IMG_9051.jpg 24.95k
Big Mickey Jack O'Lantern

9IMG_9053.jpg 21.74k
Kel On Main Street
9IMG_9188.jpg 22.69k
Trolly's Passing In The Day.
9IMG_9189.jpg 22.03k
The New Dapper Dans

9IMG_9190.jpg 22.67k
Backside Of Mickey Pumpkin
9IMG_9191.jpg 26.26k
Fire Truck On Main Street

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