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Kel and I have acquired a few items that may or may not be worth something in the future. This is a collection of those I could scan :) (The cats wouldn't cooperate and they only go up in value when they are injured..)

OK the Grand Floridian ID will never be worth anything... but it was palstic so it didn't work in the "Paper" section.

As a bragging-point, we also have a personally signed (by Ken Anderson) lithograph of the Wicked Queen in Sow White (from the ride) and a signed (by Marc Davis) and numbered stretching room (Haunted Mansion) lithograph. Neither of with fit on my scanner... hmmm maybe I'll take pics with the Elph!
Disney Dollar

Series 1987 (1st year) Disney Dollar

5 Disney Dollar

Series 1987 (1st year) Disney Dollar 5 Spot

Commemorative Ticket

Indiana Jones Opening

Commemorative Button

Light Magic Premiere Party Button
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Commemorative Ticket

Toon Town Opening Ticket

Commemorative Ticket

Farewell Electrical Parade Ticket

Commemorative Button

Farewell Electrical Parade Button


Grand Floridian ID Card from Our Honeymoon in 1989

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