Downtown Disney
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In 2001 Disney opened a shopping and dining area between Disneyland and the new Disney's California Adventure. It's nice, in an outdoor shopping mall sorta way.

All of these pics were shot in December 2001. (Until our next trip (after Eisner dies of a heart-attack, Pressler is fired and someone with a grain of creativity is tapped to run the company ...oops my bitternes is showing)).

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9114-1460_IMG.jpg 4.86k
Downtown Disney 1
9114-1461_IMG.jpg 5.48k
Downtown Disney 2
9114-1462_IMG.jpg 4.51k
The World of Disney Store

9114-1463_IMG.jpg 5.88k
Smoking Area
9114-1464_IMG.jpg 4.34k
Downtown Disney 4
9114-1465_IMG.jpg 4.51k
Downtown Disney 5

9114-1466_IMG.jpg 5.43k
Downtown Disney 6
9114-1467_IMG.jpg 4.53k
Downtown Disney 7
9114-1468_IMG.jpg 5.82k

9114-1469_IMG.jpg 4.30k
Y Arriba Y Ariba
9114-1470_IMG.jpg 4.31k
Downtown Disney 10
9114-1471_IMG.jpg 4.47k
House of Blues

9114-1473_IMG.jpg 4.43k
Downtown Disney 12
9115-1552_IMG.jpg 3.50k
Downtown Disney 13

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