Grad Night 1983
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I graduated from De La Salle High School in Concord in 1983. On my birthday, May 20th, our class participated in Disneyland's Grad-night. It was a blast! We left at about 1 in the afternoon on a chartered Greyhound bus, got down to LA at about 8:00, hit the Y for a shower and to change into our semi-formal duds, then into the park at about 11:00. I didn't bring a camera but I did save most of the junk which I have gladly placed for your perusal, below.

You'll notice we actually had real live bands back in the 80's.. bands with record contracts even! And we had to dress up! Nowadays you and your school pay a mint to share the park with 30 or 40 thousand other high-schoolers dressed however you like with no live entertainement whatsoever. I'd skip it now if I were you. Save your money for a real graduation party. 20 years ago however I couldn't reccommend Grad-Night higher.

Click on the pic for a bigger picture and more details:

Me and Goofy

I'm the one on the left.

Band List

The night's music selection.

Grad-night ticket

Don't bother clicking on this one, just a small pic.

Grad-night ticket

Don't bother clicking on this one, just a small pic.

Grad-night Dress Code Cover

The Cover of the Dress Code Guide

Dress Code

The Actual Dress Code

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