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Sometime between October 1997 and May 2001, Disney banned smoking in their parks except in a few select areas. Yup most of my circle of friends are smokers and they force me to smoke too. It's no big deal to have to go to a smoking area as far as I'm concerned, and in many cases they've done a pretty good job setting them up. WDW's, with the exception of the one in China in Epcot, are all really nice and well spaced. DCA's are as well. In Disneyland however there are only 3 smoking areas and they really could use 1 or 2 more.

This little mini-section will show you each of the smoking areas at the Disneyland Resort as of 12/2001, and a little review of each. I still need to scan some maps, and will add those as well.

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9114-1463_IMG.jpg 5.88k
Downtown Disney Smokin' Place 1
9114-1480_IMG.jpg 4.72k
DCA Smokin' Place 1:Condor Flats
9114-1481_IMG.jpg 4.28k
DCA Smokin' Place 1:Gotta Light?

9114-1498_IMG.jpg 4.44k
DCA Smokin' Place 3: Hollywood Backlot
9114-1500_IMG.jpg 5.51k
DCA Smokin' Place 2:Grizzly Peak
9115-1521_IMG.jpg 5.45k
DCA Smokin' Place 4: Paradise Pier

9115-1522_IMG.jpg 5.35k
DCA Smokin' Place 4 :Paradise Pier
9115-1600_IMG.jpg 4.67k
Dland Smokin' Place 1: Fantasyland
9116-1601_IMG.jpg 4.31k
Dland Smokin' Place 1 :Fantasyland

9116-1605_IMG.jpg 4.95k
Dland Smokin' Place 2: Frontierland
9116-1615_IMG.jpg 5.12k
Dland Smokin' Place 3 New Orleans Square

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