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WHEN: June 4th & 5th 1988

Right after getting back from our first solo trip together (Monterey) we were invited to a wedding by one of Kel's cousins. She and I had only been dating for a couple of months and when she told me about the wedding the hairs on the back of my neck went up. Then she said that it was going to be in Newport Beach, just 15 minutes (haha) away from Disneyland and that she wouldn't be adverse to making a side-trip. Well I agreed whole-heartedly. Then her mother, aunt and cousin Karen decided to tag along....

Well it turned out to be a pretty good trip, except for: cramming 5 people into our old Monte Carlo for two 7 hour drives, hellish traffic going to the wedding... took an hour, and Nancy claiming whiplash after riding Big Thunder Mountain. Other than that the trip was a great success, and they have never stopped thanking us for it.

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9len_mmsy.jpg 5.19k
Resting our feet in June of '88
9mikglb.jpg 5.58k
On top of the world.
9lengrot.jpg 5.59k
Lookin' for a wedding site :)

9lktwan.jpg 4.66k
They look happy...must have escaped the family.
9lkhaus.jpg 4.83k
Do they serve Space Burgers here?
9jacket.jpg 4.68k
It barely fits me.

9splsh2.jpg 3.68k
It doesn't look like much right now.

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