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WHEN: August 7th, 1992

Back in 1992 Fantasmic was THE show to see at Disneyland. Everyone was going on and on about how great it was. Considering how I feel about most of the live entertainment at Disneyland, I'm really surprised I made such an effort to see it as soon as I could. For once we actually flew down (a quite common occurance NOW) and we went in the middle of SUMMER! It was a small group and we only planned on going 1 day, just to see Fantasmic. The crowds actually weren't too bad... I expected much worse, it had been about 7 years since I'd been anywhere near the park in the summer. Fantasmic was incredible. Using a strategy that was yet to become common knowledge (and thought up by yours truly) we got front row center seats for the second show of the night. The second to last time we viewed Fantasmic, everyone was using MY strategy... basically cuz some nimrod on the net thought of it too and couldn't help crowing all over Usenet about it. You hang out in Adventureland during the last 5 minutes of the first showing, then the minute the show ends you rush (walking not running ) to the front row center seating area and gently push the people who watched the first show out of the way :)

We had bitchen seats for both the show and the fireworks, which none of us had seen in a decade, tending to come down in the off-season. The weather was great as far as I can remember, tho it was hot enough to swim... I have the pictures to prove it. The only big bummer of the trip didn't affect me in the least... Woody lost his & Adri's plane tix (friends fly free dontchaknow), so he had to purchase new ones at full price haw haw :) I only scanned 5 pictures from this trip. Two of them are of ToonTown under construction.... the next spur of the moment trip we made :) I took quite a few of the show itself but they are kinda dark for web viewing.

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9abored.jpg 4.54k
Settle down Adri or we'll turn this park around and go home.
9pancst2.jpg 6.93k
The Frontside of Castle
9ovr_tmld.jpg 3.11k
This is NOT a postcard!

9subs.jpg 4.65k
A look at the Submarine Lagoon
9panfro.jpg 4.44k
Can you believe this is August?
9toonc1.jpg 2.80k
No Toons Here!

9toonc2.jpg 2.66k
No Toons Here Either!

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Oooooo there's a 7 Photo Slideshow!

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