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WHEN: December 20,21 & 22 1992

Boy was this trip a mistake. It sounded like such a great idea too. Our last few trips down had been right after New Years and it always seemed like forever before the danged holidays would end so we could go. So in 1992, because schools started so soon after New Year's, we decided to go the week BEFORE Christmas. Well we certainly made out crowd-wise. Not bad at all. Aside from some interpersonal problems between members of the party, the trip itself went fairly smoothly. We stayed at the Desert Inn & Suites which was pretty cost effective for the largish sized group we had. No the biggest bummer was getting home the day before Christmas Eve, with only half our shopping done (we thought we'd get a bunch of stuff in the park) and knowing we'd still have to deal with family for the next few days. With NO Disneyland trip to look forward to!

I brought my...er.. Munday & Collin's 8mm camcorder, and was tres obnoxious with it. Highlights include hearing about the "Dinosaur Replicant People on the train, some great night shots from the Death-buckets, various rides like Pirates etc, immortalized on tape, as well as a full taping of Fantasmic from the Gallery. Almost forgot the 2 bummers involved with that. One was having to wait for 3 hours, sitting on the cold December pavement in New Orleans Square so's we could get a reservation for Gallery seats. Two was that the tape came out great except for one thing. The dragon didn't make the show. I was pretty pissed, but it did start up a fun conversation on New Year's Eve.....

Welp on New Year's Eve 1992, because the December trip had left kind of a bad taste in our mouths... we decided to do one more Kamikaze in March of '93. It was the quickest we have ever planned a trip after returning from the previous one.

One note on the pictures in this slideshow: 12 of the 15 shots are video grabs from the tape I mentioned above.

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91292grp.jpg 7.23k
I drew the castle.
9patjung.jpg 5.81k
He SAYS he wrote all the jokes but....
9nos1292.jpg 4.13k
Hour 2: waiting for Fantasmic reservations...

9caront.jpg 4.09k
I don't like riding it at night either.
9aranhrs.jpg 5.80k
They're gettin' away!
9kelhrs.jpg 5.59k
Ride'm Cowgirl!

9kelhrs2.jpg 5.05k
Hey wake up! We're almost there!
9katcup.jpg 5.30k
Sharing a cuppa.
9tcups3.jpg 6.15k
More Teacups

9tcups4.jpg 5.69k
Yeah we get the idea.... enough with the teacups.
9matnt2.jpg 3.31k
Ya had to be there.
9neon.jpg 3.79k
Wonder if this survive the rehab?

9onjet2.jpg 4.23k
Hang on!
9onjet3.jpg 3.14k
OK, Go ahead let go.
9patsm.jpg 2.84k
Looks scared.

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Oooooo there's a 15 Photo Slideshow!

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