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WHEN: March 11 & 12 1993

This whole trip was billed as our "Last Kamikaze"... fat chance on that one. Basically, we had just been to the park in December of '92, hoping to catch the soft opening of Mickey's ToonTown. It didn't work out that way. As far as we knew at the time they weren't doing any soft openings.. found out later they did and we missed it by being on the other end of the park. So on New Year's Eve, after a really hectic X-mas season the idea is put forth to go back down in March to see ToonTown. I was willing and very amazed that everyone else was too, so we made the plans.

It wasn't a true kamikaze cuz we did stay overnight, but we did drive late at night and it was the last time. After that we stuck to daytime driving and we only fly now. Highlights of the trip include our "Encounter With Mickey" and some excellent video, shot and narrated by moi. The tape of us in Mickey's house is priceless.

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9onlog.jpg 3.62k
Was Adri the only one who noticed the flash?
9onlog2.jpg 4.50k
Can I get yer camcorder wet?
9churro.jpg 4.53k
Is it supposed to smoke?

9grpfant.jpg 3.97k
Will it NEVER start?
9grp_mat.jpg 3.52k
I'm walking backwards..tell me if I run into anything.
9kldum1.jpg 5.63k

9kldum2.jpg 4.89k
Weeeeeeee again!
9pat_dumb.jpg 5.43k
Am I in trouble?
9olpbnch.jpg 5.10k
Good place for a bench; right outside the ladies restroom.

9toons.jpg 4.85k
TKOST in ToonTown
9melhug.jpg 3.71k
Someone looks jilted!
9drew.jpg 4.65k
I think he likes Adri

9bigmik.jpg 3.57k
Way too close for comfort....
9lenmick.jpg 7.14k

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Oooooo there's a 14 Photo Slideshow!

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