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WHEN: January 5,6,7,8 1997

In January 1997 the Usenix computer conference was held at the Anaheim Convention Center across the street from Disneyland. I signed up to work the show about a year in advance:) In October I shattered my wrist in a shark attack (G) and on December 17th they removed the pins that were holding it together... so I was still a little tender. I did the show anyway:) I went down 3 days early, and brought some helpers to assist in setup: Kelleye & Aran. On a last minute whim, Adri & Matt decided to join us. We arrived on Sunday January 7th, went to the park Sunday, Monday & Tuesday. Set-up the our show booth early Wednesday, then hit the park for breakfast. Kel & Aran helped me on the 1st day of the show, then flew home Wednesday night. I stayed for the 2nd day of the show and flew home Thursday night. Adri & Matt flew in late Sunday night, and played in the park with us Monday & Tuesday.

We bought our first Annual Passports on this trip, the only bummer being we don't get Magic Mornings, and no more passports to scan :) Other than that we love them! This was the 1st trip since 8/92 that we flew. It was great, and we'll never drive again!

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9aran_bar.jpg 14.99k
Behind Bars, where he belongs. :)
9c_garden.jpg 4.26k
Nothing like Ice Cream in January to empty a place out.
9kacastle.jpg 4.94k
We'll storm the castle after we finish our coffee...

9kamain.jpg 5.74k
Is that snow on the ground?
9partners.jpg 4.03k
"..and this is Main Street USA."
"...uh, Walt I know, I live here remember?"
9katree.jpg 4.87k
I'm Dreaming of a wet Christmas

9mainrain.jpg 4.23k
Rain = Less Crowds Folks!
9ambayou.jpg 4.20k
Waiting for a waterside table.
9no_sqr.jpg 4.35k
Where is everyone?

9bird.jpg 5.51k
Do NOT try this at home!
9bvilla.jpg 55.22k
That Bouganvilla looks better than ours...
9kabtm.jpg 4.09k
I'm tired of color correcting this one.

9on_btmrr.jpg 4.51k
Shouldn't I be holding on...
9alice.jpg 5.74k
Ignore the "Eat Me" sign please.
9on_tcups.jpg 5.50k
Guess we can!

9mat_subs.jpg 3.59k
Taken from the Submarines line.
9rjets.jpg 3.90k
Boy does this look different now.
9tlnd_old.jpg 4.17k
The very first Tomorrowland rehab.

9tom_97.jpg 3.59k
Right before they closed the place.
9carnatin.jpg 4.96k
No more Matterhorn Sundaes!
9tlandc.jpg 3.39k
Uh.. that's a white pencil in her hand...yeah a pencil.

9exercise.jpg 5.00k
Was this part of my therapy?
9mhorn1.jpg 3.48k
Forced perspective at work.

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Oooooo there's a 23 Photo Slideshow!

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