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WHEN: April 1st & 2nd 1997

This was an impromptu trip inspired by the fact that we had brand-new Annual Passports burning holes in our pockets. It wasn't that long ago but I can't recall the EXACT reason we used for going down. I think it was just the fact that we wanted the APs to pay themselves off. Greg had one too and was gonna re-up it while we were there (he never did). We flew down, took a taxi to the park (how decadent!) then checked into the motel later in the afternoon. We then went back to the park and spent the rest of the day there till closing. The next day we checked out of the motel, and brought our meager luggage with us into the park, stowing it in a locker. Spent the whole day there then caught a cab back to the airport for the flight home. My kinda kamikaze! Highlights of this trip include getting to see the construction on Tomorrowland, the completed construction for Light Tragic, and finally a rather funny joke I played on Greg. He had purchased a beverage that included a plastic collectible type cup. He hooked said cup in his belt loop then ignored it. I thought it would be hilarious to throw some change in it as if someone had mistaken him for a beggar. The damned coins rolled around in the cup for about an hour before he even noticed! Kel and I were busting up behind his back, until even we forgot about them. So I could honestly look perplexed when he discovered the coins and said it was cute.

After the success of flying down like this we used the scheme again in May for the AP premier party for Light Tragic. It worked great once again and now we're hooked.

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The Backside of Castle
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Oh Boy a trade show!

9obtrn.jpg 2.98k
Where is that thing aimed?

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