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WHEN: December 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2001 11/2001 An new Disneyland Trip! Man I still have a hard time believing that it's been over 4 years since we last went... after going 4 times in 1997. Well part of the blame goes towards having enough money to make 2 trips to Europe, including Disneyland Paris, and 1 trip to WDW just last May. A large part of the blame goes to the Disney Corporation itself tho. After our last trip, while Tomorrowland was still being made over, I was looking forward to all the new stuff they were gonna put in. The Rocket Rods,... uh Honey..hmm guess that was it. Then I heard from some friends that the Rods were kinda lame, Innoventions was boring (I figured on that), and that the music on Space Mountain wasn't working. Lost all interest in going. Then whenever I began thinking of going, I would think about all the other new things they've put in...Hmmmm the Tree-house redo...well they closed a bunch of stuff anyway! No more Subs, no more Rocket Rods (boohoo), no more Bear Show or Keel Boats. But there's a whole new park next door! Well the reviews of that haven't been very good either... My little brother and sister went over the summer and thought it was boring. I'll reserve judgement. One bummer about it is that they destroyed our shortcut to the park from the el-cheapo motels on Katella. Well that's why we haven't gone in 4 years. Why are we going now?

It's been over 4 years!!! The other deciding factor was to see the Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion Overlay which HAS been getting rave reviews (having a hard time keeping several friends from spoiling it for us!). This'll be the first time down since we got the Elph so no picture scanning needed! I'll have the pics up a couple days after we get home. I also want to see DCA for myself.

Kel Aran and I are going down to San Diego to see her Dad first then we're meeting up with the Jackson-Healys on Sunday. This'll be the first time since October of 1996 that we'll be driving. A combination of not wanting to deal with the Airport hassle, wanting to have our car in San Diego, and Kel getting Dot-commed last month contributed to this decision. So now this Pre-Trip report has gone on longer than many of my earlier slideshow's entire report... can you say run-at-the-mouth? See ya in 2 weeks!

Update 12-1-01: We're in Ramona now for 2 days before Disneyland and I'm posting some info at midnight after drinking too much at my father-in-law's. We drove down from Concord and made it here to Ramona (502 miles) in 7.5 hours. Going to Mount Palomar and the Wild Animal park tomorrow then on the D-Land on Sunday. Built Stonehenge in the backyard... Thistles are evil...
More to follow!

Update 12-3-01: Here's More. We skipped the Wild Animal Park as we got a late start. Mount Palomar was tres cool. We went instead to a little museum near a battle site then to one in downtown Ramona. Then Big-Meat for dinner. We said our good-byes Sunday morning around 10:00 and made it to our hotel by 12:30 (made a stop at Circuit City so Aran could buy more memory for his camera).

Update 12-8-01 We're back and had a blast! No the pics aren't up yet but should be by the end of the week. Gotta scale'em and slap on a copywrite as well as create the thumbnails. Then I've got to write up clever little descriptions for each one. Unlike the WDW trip section, I'll not be doing a full trip report... I didn't keep a journal, nor did I feel I needed to on this sorta mellow trip. Did I mention I took 309 pictures! Just at the Disneyland Resort, and not counting the dozen or so I took in San Diego (to be located in the Travel Adventure Section. If you want a pretty full description of the trip you'll have to go through the slideshow. I plan on discarding about a dozen pics which just didn't come out well, and there were about 25 that were actually taken for making 2 Quicktime VRs so the total should be around 260-275. I'll know more later this week.

To hold you over until then, here are some Highlights,Lowlights,Opinions and Ponderables about our Dec. 2001 Disneyland trip.

Whew.. so much for no trip report...One last note about this page: Unlike all the other slideshow indexes I have for my Dland trips, this one will NOT include thumbnails and links to all the pics. Putting 250+ on one page would cause it to take 2 hours to load on a T1 connection. Instead It will display 1 in 10 as thumbnails and just the one-line description and link to the others. As always, all the thumbnails will appear in their respective lands. (which could cause me to redistribute and branch off some lands like I did Fantasyland...

Update 12-16-01 The pics are up as well as 2 VRs! Because there were so many pics I rewrote part of my page generator so that only 1 in 7 thumbnails show up on this page. If you wanna see all the thumbnails you'll have to go to the land pages.
The slideshow is in chronological order.

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9113-1371_IMG.jpg 3.02k
New Walkway
9113-1372_IMG.jpg 3.62k
New Entrance Area 1
9113-1373_IMG.jpg 3.49k
DCA Entrance X-Mas Style

9113-1374_IMG.jpg 2.91k
Sunshine Plaza by Day
9113-1375_IMG.jpg 3.88k
Soarin' Over California
9113-1376_IMG.jpg 4.18k
Condor Flats 1

9113-1377_IMG.jpg 3.13k
Shops in Condor Flats
9113-1378_IMG.jpg 4.75k
Shops in Condor Flats 2
9113-1379_IMG.jpg 3.26k
Grizzly River Run

9113-1380_IMG.jpg 3.29k
Grizzly River Run 2
9113-1381_IMG.jpg 5.43k
Uh Oh.
9113-1382_IMG.jpg 5.24k

9113-1383_IMG.jpg 3.29k
Sun Wheel and Maliboomer
9113-1384_IMG.jpg 3.39k
Sunglass Shack and Mulholland Madness
9113-1385_IMG.jpg 6.65k
King Triton's Carrousel

9113-1386_IMG.jpg 4.25k
Screamin' Launch Track
9113-1387_IMG.jpg 4.23k
Cannery Row
9113-1388_IMG.jpg 3.08k
Cannery Row 2

9113-1389_IMG.jpg 4.34k
Hollywood Backlot Entrance
9113-1390_IMG.jpg 4.65k
Hyperion Theater
9resort_vr.jpg 3.61k
Disneyland Resort Quicktime VR

9114-1410_IMG.jpg 3.49k
Opera House
9114-1411_IMG.jpg 4.37k
City Hall
9114-1412_IMG.jpg 5.40k
A Motley Group

9114-1413_IMG.jpg 3.75k
Xmas 2001 on Main Street
9114-1414_IMG.jpg 5.22k
Main Street Cinema
9114-1415_IMG.jpg 5.94k
Shops on Main Street

9114-1416_IMG.jpg 5.28k
Shops on Main Street
9114-1417_IMG.jpg 3.51k
Xmas Tree on Main Street
9114-1418_IMG.jpg 4.60k
Park About To Open

9114-1419_IMG.jpg 3.84k
NOS Long-View
9114-1420_IMG.jpg 5.97k
Columbia In Fowlers Harbor
9114-1421_IMG.jpg 5.62k
Haunted Mansion with Nightmare Overlay

9114-1422_IMG.jpg 6.45k
Haunted Mansion Entrance
9114-1423_IMG.jpg 4.04k
Nightmare Mansion
9114-1424_IMG.jpg 5.16k
Nightmare Mansion

9114-1425_IMG.jpg 6.20k
Nightmare Hearse
9114-1426_IMG.jpg 5.62k
Nightmare Pet Cemetery
9114-1427_IMG.jpg 4.81k
Xmas In New Orleans Square 1

9114-1428_IMG.jpg 5.59k
NOS Xmas Decor 2
9114-1429_IMG.jpg 5.74k
NOS Xmas Decor 3
9114-1430_IMG.jpg 4.78k
NOS Xmas Decor 4

9114-1431_IMG.jpg 6.02k
NOS Xmas Decor 5
9114-1432_IMG.jpg 5.87k
NOS Xmas Decor 6
9114-1434_IMG.jpg 5.19k
Walkin' Thru Adventureland

9114-1435_IMG.jpg 5.44k
Jungle Cruise Queue
9114-1436_IMG.jpg 5.70k
Aladdin's Oasis
9114-1437_IMG.jpg 4.50k
Adventureland Bazaar

9114-1438_IMG.jpg 4.09k
Main Street Omnibus
9114-1439_IMG.jpg 5.93k
9114-1440_IMG.jpg 5.16k
Alice Decor

9114-1441_IMG.jpg 5.18k
Matterhorn from Alice
9114-1442_IMG.jpg 5.39k
Aran and the Whale
9114-1443_IMG.jpg 5.46k
My Chum Aran

9114-1444_IMG.jpg 4.47k
On Toad
9114-1445_IMG.jpg 3.71k
Kel and Pat on Snow White
9114-1446_IMG.jpg 5.17k
Peter Pan's Flight Building

9114-1447_IMG.jpg 4.16k
Melissa and Pat on Pinocchio
9114-1448_IMG.jpg 5.94k
Rainbow Ridge
9114-1449_IMG.jpg 5.97k
Rainbow Ridge 2

9114-1450_IMG.jpg 6.09k
Big Thunder Splashdown
9114-1451_IMG.jpg 5.20k
NOS Xmas Decor 7
9114-1452_IMG.jpg 6.33k
Gazing Orbs

9114-1453_IMG.jpg 2.86k
DCA From the Train
9114-1454_IMG.jpg 4.09k
Toon Town 2001
9114-1455_IMG.jpg 4.39k
Electrical Parade 1

9114-1456_IMG.jpg 3.61k
Electrical Parade 2
9114-1457_IMG.jpg 3.83k
Electrical Parade 3
9114-1458_IMG.jpg 5.52k
Strange Crowds

9114-1459_IMG.jpg 5.00k
Attracts all Kinds
9114-1460_IMG.jpg 4.86k
Downtown Disney 1
9114-1461_IMG.jpg 5.48k
Downtown Disney 2

9114-1462_IMG.jpg 4.51k
The World of Disney Store
9114-1463_IMG.jpg 5.88k
Smoking Area
9114-1464_IMG.jpg 4.34k
Downtown Disney 4

9114-1465_IMG.jpg 4.51k
Downtown Disney 5
9114-1466_IMG.jpg 5.43k
Downtown Disney 6
9114-1467_IMG.jpg 4.53k
Downtown Disney 7

9114-1468_IMG.jpg 5.82k
9114-1469_IMG.jpg 4.30k
Y Arriba Y Ariba
9114-1470_IMG.jpg 4.31k
Downtown Disney 10

9114-1471_IMG.jpg 4.47k
House of Blues
9114-1472_IMG.jpg 4.49k
Monorail Station
9114-1473_IMG.jpg 4.43k
Downtown Disney 12

9114-1474_IMG.jpg 5.36k
DCA Shop
9114-1475_IMG.jpg 4.92k
Choo Choo Shop
9114-1476_IMG.jpg 5.02k
Condor Flats Area

9114-1477_IMG.jpg 4.47k
9114-1478_IMG.jpg 3.90k
Shops in DCA
9114-1479_IMG.jpg 4.28k
Soarin' Queue

9114-1480_IMG.jpg 4.72k
Smoking Area
9114-1481_IMG.jpg 4.28k
Smoking Area
9114-1482_IMG.jpg 4.46k
Soap Opera Bistro

9114-1483_IMG.jpg 5.63k
Gone Hollywood
9114-1484_IMG.jpg 4.66k
More Hollywood
9114-1485_IMG.jpg 5.80k
Award Wieners

9114-1486_IMG.jpg 4.38k
Some More Hollywood
9114-1487_IMG.jpg 2.62k
Draw Dumbo
9114-1488_IMG.jpg 3.73k
Down the Side Street

9114-1489_IMG.jpg 5.27k
MuppetVision 3D
9114-1490_IMG.jpg 4.38k
Animation Exhibit
9114-1491_IMG.jpg 4.90k
Hollywood Shops

9114-1492_IMG.jpg 4.95k
Rhymes with Ducks or Flows
9114-1493_IMG.jpg 5.06k
MuppetVision Queue 1
9114-1494_IMG.jpg 5.49k
MuppetVision Queue 2

9114-1495_IMG.jpg 3.78k
MuppetVision Queue 3
9114-1496_IMG.jpg 4.34k
Rizzo's Prop Shop
9114-1497_IMG.jpg 4.72k
MuppetVision Exit

9114-1498_IMG.jpg 4.44k
Smoking Area in DCA's Hollywood
9114-1500_IMG.jpg 5.51k
Smoking Area
9115-1501_IMG.jpg 5.89k
Bathroom Land

9115-1502_IMG.jpg 4.70k
Palace of Fine Arts
9dca_vr.jpg 3.90k
A Full 370 Degree Quicktime VR
9115-1503_IMG.jpg 3.73k
Rides at Paradise Pier in DCA

9115-1520_IMG.jpg 4.70k
Paradise Pier
9115-1521_IMG.jpg 5.45k
Smoking Area
9115-1522_IMG.jpg 5.35k
Smoking Area

9115-1523_IMG.jpg 3.91k
DCA Lagoon
9115-1524_IMG.jpg 5.38k
Screamin' Close-Up
9115-1525_IMG.jpg 5.71k
Paradise Pier Boardwalk 1

9115-1526_IMG.jpg 5.62k
More Paradise Pier
9115-1527_IMG.jpg 5.09k
Paradise Pier Boardwalk 2
9115-1528_IMG.jpg 5.24k
Paradise Pier Boardwalk 3

9115-1529_IMG.jpg 4.11k
9115-1530_IMG.jpg 6.36k
Back of Sun Wheel
9115-1531_IMG.jpg 3.75k
Paradise Pier Boardwalk 4

9115-1532_IMG.jpg 4.26k
Orange Stinger
9115-1533_IMG.jpg 5.57k
Kid's Climby Area
9115-1534_IMG.jpg 4.18k
Mulholland Madness

9115-1535_IMG.jpg 4.14k
Monster Corn Dogs
9115-1536_IMG.jpg 4.47k
Orange Stinger 2
9115-1542_IMG.jpg 3.00k
Sunset Shot 1

9115-1543_IMG.jpg 2.35k
Sunset Shot 2
9115-1546_IMG.jpg 2.74k
Castle By Night 12-2001
9115-1547_IMG.jpg 3.85k
Tomorrowland After Dark

9115-1549_IMG.jpg 3.57k
On The Monorail 1
9115-1550_IMG.jpg 4.03k
On The Monorail 2
9115-1552_IMG.jpg 3.50k
Downtown Disney 13

9115-1553_IMG.jpg 3.90k
Tomorrowland After Dark
9115-1554_IMG.jpg 2.07k
Space Mountain After Dark
9115-1555_IMG.jpg 3.55k
Back Of Castle By Night

9115-1556_IMG.jpg 2.27k
New Orleans Square By Night
9115-1557_IMG.jpg 1.08k
Big Thunder Mountain at Night
9115-1559_IMG.jpg 2.71k
Nightmare Mansion By Night

9115-1562_IMG.jpg 3.21k
New Orleans Square After Dark
9115-1563_IMG.jpg 4.46k
New Orleans Square After Dark
9115-1564_IMG.jpg 4.88k
New Orleans Square After Dark

9115-1565_IMG.jpg 4.53k
New Orleans Square After Dark
9115-1566_IMG.jpg 3.69k
New Orleans Square After Dark
9115-1571_IMG.jpg 2.15k
Frontierland After Dark

9115-1572_IMG.jpg 3.44k
Much better night shot.
9115-1573_IMG.jpg 3.36k
Small World Holiday 1
9115-1574_IMG.jpg 3.81k
Small World Holiday 2

9115-1575_IMG.jpg 4.16k
Small World Holiday 3
9115-1576_IMG.jpg 4.48k
Illiteracy In Action
9115-1577_IMG.jpg 3.46k
Good Matterhorn at Night

9115-1578_IMG.jpg 2.30k
9115-1581_IMG.jpg 3.38k
Tomorrowland After Dark
9115-1582_IMG.jpg 3.77k
Hub at Night during Xmas-time

9115-1583_IMG.jpg 3.51k
Hub at Night during Xmas-time
9115-1584_IMG.jpg 4.11k
Xmas After Dark
9115-1585_IMG.jpg 4.24k
Xmas After Dark 2

9115-1586_IMG.jpg 5.17k
9115-1587_IMG.jpg 4.42k
Matterhorn And Astro-Orbiter
9115-1588_IMG.jpg 5.81k

9115-1589_IMG.jpg 3.69k
Star Tours
9115-1590_IMG.jpg 3.69k
9115-1591_IMG.jpg 4.86k
Above NASA Exhibit

9115-1592_IMG.jpg 3.60k
More Tomorrowland 2001
9115-1593_IMG.jpg 4.33k
More Tomorrowland 2001
9115-1594_IMG.jpg 3.27k
More Tomorrowland 2001

9115-1595_IMG.jpg 3.44k
Honey I Shrunk the Audience
9115-1596_IMG.jpg 3.83k
9115-1597_IMG.jpg 4.70k

9115-1598_IMG.jpg 3.20k
Autopia Queue Area
9115-1599_IMG.jpg 3.70k
Submarine Lagoon
9115-1600_IMG.jpg 4.67k
Smoking Area

9116-1601_IMG.jpg 4.31k
Smoking Area
9116-1602_IMG.jpg 5.04k
Pinocchio's Daring Journey
9116-1603_IMG.jpg 5.10k
Big Thunder Trail

9116-1604_IMG.jpg 5.33k
Stuff on the Big Thunder Trail
9116-1605_IMG.jpg 4.95k
Smoking Area
9116-1606_IMG.jpg 5.76k
More On Big Thunder Trail

9116-1607_IMG.jpg 5.23k
Frontierland Entrance
9116-1608_IMG.jpg 4.22k
Shops in Frontierland
9116-1609_IMG.jpg 4.96k
Shootin' Arcade

9116-1610_IMG.jpg 3.83k
Shops in Frontierland
9116-1611_IMG.jpg 3.82k
Shops in Frontierland
9116-1612_IMG.jpg 5.86k
Rancho del Zocalo

9116-1613_IMG.jpg 5.15k
Columbia in Port
9116-1614_IMG.jpg 4.86k
Columbia at the Dock
9116-1615_IMG.jpg 5.12k
Smokin' Place 3

9116-1616_IMG.jpg 5.63k
Critter Country Sign
9116-1617_IMG.jpg 4.26k
9116-1618_IMG.jpg 4.76k
North Side of Splash

9116-1619_IMG.jpg 6.02k
Hungry Bear
9116-1620_IMG.jpg 5.66k
Critter Country
9116-1621_IMG.jpg 4.22k
Splash Mountian Entrance

9116-1622_IMG.jpg 5.93k
Brer Bar
9116-1623_IMG.jpg 5.97k
In The Back Woods
9116-1624_IMG.jpg 3.57k
Columbia Under Way

9116-1625_IMG.jpg 3.87k
Columbia Dead Ahead
9116-1626_IMG.jpg 5.71k
Columbia Passing By
9116-1627_IMG.jpg 5.78k
Columbia Into the Wilderness

9116-1628_IMG.jpg 5.62k
NOS Xmas Decor
9116-1629_IMG.jpg 3.48k
Lunch at the Bayou
9116-1634_IMG.jpg 5.36k

9116-1637_IMG.jpg 5.95k
9116-1638_IMG.jpg 4.85k
Davy Crockett Canoes
9116-1639_IMG.jpg 5.69k
French Market

9116-1640_IMG.jpg 4.09k
Pirates Entrance
9116-1641_IMG.jpg 5.28k
Tarzan's Treehouse
9116-1642_IMG.jpg 4.40k
Above Adventureland

9116-1643_IMG.jpg 6.23k
Up in the Tree
9116-1644_IMG.jpg 4.68k
Over The River Belle
9116-1645_IMG.jpg 5.44k
Bridge Over Adventureland

9116-1646_IMG.jpg 6.54k
Indy Empty Queue
9116-1647_IMG.jpg 5.30k
Looking Up A Tree
9116-1648_IMG.jpg 4.43k
More Adventureland Shopping

9116-1649_IMG.jpg 5.34k
Even More Adventureland Shopping
9116-1650_IMG.jpg 5.56k
Strolling Through Adventureland
9116-1651_IMG.jpg 5.15k
Adventureland Details

9116-1652_IMG.jpg 3.49k
Adventureland Entrance
9116-1653_IMG.jpg 5.04k
Enchanted Tiki Room
9116-1654_IMG.jpg 4.90k
Aran in Adventureland

9116-1655_IMG.jpg 5.84k
Tiki Room Exit
9116-1656_IMG.jpg 5.53k
Adventureland's Hidden Courtyard
9P_Pier1.jpg 8.62k
Non-VR Panoramic

9116-1657_IMG.jpg 5.07k
Hollywood Entrance 2
9116-1658_IMG.jpg 5.22k
Rizzo's Prop Shop 2
9116-1659_IMG.jpg 4.96k
MuppetVision Queue 4

9P_Pier2.jpg 9.09k
Paradise Pier Pan at Night
9116-1660_IMG.jpg 3.42k
Paradise Pier By Night 1
9116-1661_IMG.jpg 3.95k
Paradise Pier By Night 2

9116-1662_IMG.jpg 3.85k
Paradise Pier By Night 3
9116-1663_IMG.jpg 3.84k
Paradise Pier By Night 4
9116-1664_IMG.jpg 3.91k
Paradise Pier By Night 5

9116-1665_IMG.jpg 3.91k
Paradise Pier By Night 6
9116-1670_IMG.jpg 3.70k
Paradise Pier By Night 7
9116-1671_IMG.jpg 3.94k
Paradise Pier By Night 8

9116-1672_IMG.jpg 4.43k
Paradise Pier By Night 9
9116-1673_IMG.jpg 3.58k
Paradise Pier By Night 10
9116-1674_IMG.jpg 4.40k
Paradise Pier By Night 11

9116-1675_IMG.jpg 3.34k
Sunshine Plaza
9116-1676_IMG.jpg 4.36k
DCA's GG Bridge by Night
9116-1677_IMG.jpg 3.89k
Everything under The Sun

9116-1678_IMG.jpg 5.79k
Close-Up of Fireworks Frame

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