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When: December 8th and 9th, 2005

Just had to go to Disneyland on it's 50th birthday.. sheesh.. Well once again we'd let a bunch of years go by without a Disneyland trip. I decided, like just about every other person in the bloody world, that I definately wanted to go during the 50th anniversary celebration. Maybe in a few years I'll not regret the decision, but for now I can certainly say I never want deal with crowds like that ever again. It was so crowded it was like when the Electrical parade was closing down. Next time I'll make sure it's gonna rain or there's an earthquake in LA or something.

Don't get me too wrong tho. We had a pretty good time. There were a couple things we'd not seen yet so it was fun getting to do that. The Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, the re-opened and re-themed Space Mountain, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and the Fireworks. Hadn't seen the Pooh ride either but that wasn't really worth making the trip for. Most pleasant surprises were how great Space Mountain turned out and how great the park itself looked. The Tiki room looked and sounded fantastic!

Unique occurances on this visit include getting to walk backstage on the Jungle Cruise side of Main Street, (I'd been routed backstage on the other side of Main Street and once behind Fantasyland in 1996) and touring the park with one of our number driving and ECV (Pat had a broken foot). We got to try out a few of the handicapped methods of ride boarding. Some were fairly nice and clever. Most do not reduce the amount of time waiting to ride but I must admit it DID get us through that nasty Peter Pan's Flight line faster!

I was mellow about taking pics this time...

Anyway the trip would have been fabu if there weren't so many of the unwashed masses in MY PARK. :-) Get yer fill with this section cuz the next one ain't coming anytime soon. London and Scotland in Summer of 2006 and probably BVI again in 2007.

NOTE 9/21/2009: Wow was I bitter after this trip or what? Well it stuck because here it is Sept 2009 and we've still not been back... until next month! Just Kel, Aran and I this time and for only 2 and a half days. I'm celebrating my third race and 2nd half-marathon, though if I overdo it I may be limping the entire trip. I chose the first week of October purposefully trying to avoid anything that may draw crowds. I'll probably take lots of pics as will Aran. The pics will likely go up on Flickr and Facebook much sooner than here due to the fact that it's hella less work.. But I won't shirk my duty!

Oh and yes in 2006 we went back to the UK and rode canalboats, but in 2007 we did not end up going back to the BVIs. Kel and I went on 2 mini "Let's Get Fat" vacations. To WDW in June and New Orleans for Thanksgiving. Spent over half of 2008 losing the weight, then went to the Middle East in October of '08. Kel lost her job in the spring of '09 so we went to London for a week in May on the cheap.

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Click on one of these 73 Fabulous Pics for more details and a bigger picture.
9IMG_4056.jpg 17.42k
Merry Christmas During The 50th
9IMG_4057.jpg 11.42k
Chicken BIG
9IMG_4058.jpg 17.55k
Center of the Esplanade

9IMG_4059.jpg 12.67k
Pat & Melissa in Iowa?
9IMG_4060.jpg 17.05k
Goofy Butt
9IMG_4061.jpg 13.69k
Main Street Train Station

9IMG_4062.jpg 13.43k
Photo Collage
9IMG_4063.jpg 24.43k
Me and the X-Mas Tree
9IMG_4064.jpg 24.11k
X-Mas Tree

9IMG_4065a.jpg 41.28k
Castle During the 50th
9IMG_4066.jpg 13.64k
Skeleton on Balcony
9IMG_4067.jpg 13.06k
New Orleans Square Decor

9IMG_4068.jpg 15.91k
9IMG_4069.jpg 25.69k
Nightmare Decor
9IMG_4070.jpg 16.11k
Nightmare Decor

9IMG_4071.jpg 11.86k
Melissa on the ECV Ride
9IMG_4072.jpg 14.44k
Addition to Castle Rock
9IMG_4073.jpg 15.41k
Critter Country During X-Mas

9IMG_4075.jpg 15.34k
Pooh Collage
9IMG_4076.jpg 14.23k
Critter Country Decor
9IMG_4077.jpg 17.38k
Kel & Pat in Critter Country

9IMG_4078.jpg 14.11k
Mark Twain in 50th Regalia
9IMG_4079.jpg 11.84k
Mark Twain in 50th Regalia
9IMG_4080a.jpg 39.78k
Tiki Room Rebirth

9IMG_4081.jpg 16.71k
Tiki Room Rebirth
9IMG_4082.jpg 16.64k
Tiki Room Rebirth
9IMG_4083.jpg 21.05k
Matterhorn from the Tiki Room

9IMG_4084.jpg 14.13k
Adventureland Sign Torchified
9IMG_4085.jpg 17.34k
Front Row Seats on the Mark Twain
9IMG_4086.jpg 14.39k

9IMG_4087.jpg 15.59k
Indian Chief
9IMG_4088.jpg 16.18k
Indian Kid
9IMG_4089.jpg 15.29k
Indian Shaman

9IMG_4090.jpg 16.64k
9IMG_4091.jpg 14.40k
9IMG_4092.jpg 14.50k
Pontoon Bridge

9IMG_4093.jpg 19.78k
Nightmare Decor
9IMG_4094.jpg 13.00k
Matterhorn from Autopia
9IMG_4095.jpg 17.22k
Tomorrowland Train Station

9IMG_4096.jpg 11.70k
Kel on the Matterhorn
9IMG_4097.jpg 15.20k
Melissa and Pat on the Matterhorn
9IMG_4098a.jpg 38.25k

9IMG_4099.jpg 13.27k
Main Street X-Mas Decor
9IMG_4103.jpg 12.40k
New Space Mountain Interior
9IMG_4104.jpg 15.45k
New Space Mountain Interior

9IMG_4105.jpg 13.76k
New Space Mountain Interior
9IMG_4106.jpg 16.56k
1955 Model
9IMG_4107.jpg 14.03k
1955 Model

9IMG_4108.jpg 14.24k
1955 Model
9IMG_4109.jpg 16.54k
1955 Model
9IMG_4111.jpg 15.21k
Space Mountain Model

9IMG_4112.jpg 15.35k
Castle Decked out for the 50th
9IMG_4113.jpg 15.18k
9IMG_4114.jpg 16.16k
Melissa and Kelleye

9IMG_4115.jpg 15.58k
Snow White Grotto
9IMG_4116.jpg 16.39k
Me and Kel on a Gold Pan Boat
9IMG_4117.jpg 16.19k
Misc Fantasyland Foliage

9IMG_4118.jpg 15.19k
Toad Hall
9IMG_4119.jpg 14.08k
The Sword in the St.. er .. Anvil
9IMG_4120.jpg 11.92k
Back of Castle

9IMG_4121.jpg 15.99k
Carrousel Horsey
9IMG_4122.jpg 9.50k
Snow White Entrance
9IMG_4123.jpg 13.93k
Snow White Entrance

9IMG_4124.jpg 17.97k
Mr Toad's Wild Ride Entrance
9IMG_4125a.jpg 40.88k
Me and Kelleye on a Gold Toad Car
9IMG_4126.jpg 18.93k
Kelleye on a Gold Carrousel Horse

9IMG_4127.jpg 17.61k
Me and Kel on a Gold Dumbo
9IMG_4129.jpg 16.37k
Kel and I in a Gold Teacup
9IMG_4130.jpg 18.39k
Presidentially Pardoned Turkeys

9IMG_4131.jpg 27.04k
New Orleans Square X-Mas Decor
9IMG_4132.jpg 13.99k
Musicians in New Orleans Square
9IMG_4133.jpg 9.24k
Building in Hollywood Backlot

9IMG_4134a.jpg 36.05k
Hollywood Tower Hotel

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