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Kelleye and I joined a couple of friends of ours in Japan for a week in May 2003. We spent 3 days and 4 nights at the Tokyo Disney Resort, which yes, was our main goal for the trip. We also spent a couple of days in downtown Tokyo and that really was NOT enough time. Oh well.

We brought our Canon Elph and our friends, Melissa and Pat brought their digital Olympus... Yup we took about a thousand pictures. Lucky for you some of them were blurry and others were repeats, so I believe I got the slideshow down to only about 483 + Scrapbook scans.

We have written up a trip journal which Kelleye will be posting on her site and which I will link to once it is online. I will also make an effort to at least label all of these pictures, if not make a few pithy comments on each one. I was laid off in April so I've got lots of time...

Update Sept. 19th 2003
My trip report has been published on MousePlanet
Most of it is repeated here and on our Trip Diary on Kel's Site.

If you want to look at all the pictures in chronological(ish) order, click on the slideshow icon below. Otherwise you can jump directly to your section of interest by clicking on one of the thumbnails below that.

Travel Days

Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo DisneySea

Downtown Page 1

Downtown Page 2

Scrapbook of Paper Souvenirs

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Begin Slideshow
Oooooo there's a 485 Photo Slideshow!

Check out our Trip Diary on Kel's pages.
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