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In April/May 2003 our friend Matt Staples spent 2 weeks with us here in the Bay Area. He's from Ipswich in the UK and was our host when we took our big UK 2000 trip.

So while this section is not really a journal of OUR travels, it is a nice little section for showing off the home-turf from the perspective of a tourist.

Matt was here in sunny Califronia for 2 weeks and it was cloudy and rainy most of the time... obviously he brought the lousy UK weather with him :-).

We took way too many pictures as usual, so it was unwieldy to put them all on this one page. While all the photos are part of the slideshow, the pics from Yosemite and San Francisco have been shoved off to sub-directories.

The Main Page is a set of shots taken around our stomping grounds here in the East Bay plus a couple miscellaneous shots.

We took Matt to Yosemite National Park for the weekend and a few friends and family thought it would be fun to come along.

The San Francisco section is a few shots we took on several day-trips out to SF, including a Giants game, and a Bay Cruise.

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9IMG_2393.jpg 28.43k
The Arrival
9IMG_2252.jpg 5.26k
In the Backyard
9IMG_2245.jpg 3.16k
View from Mt. Diablo

9IMG_2246.jpg 3.64k
9IMG_2247.jpg 3.35k
9IMG_2249.jpg 4.29k
Mt.Diablo:Info Signs

9IMG_2250.jpg 3.77k
Mt.Diablo:Rock City
9IMG_2251.jpg 3.98k
More Rock City
9IMG_2256.jpg 4.44k

9IMG_2326.jpg 2.98k
Grizzly Peak View 1
9IMG_2327.jpg 2.79k
Grizzly Peak View 2
9sfbridges1.jpg 18.47k
Grizzly Peak View 3

9ConcordBart_VR.jpg 3.84k
Concord Bart Station Quicktime VR
9MP1010054.jpg 4.25k
Matt in Monterey
9IMG_2359.jpg 3.11k
Vinci Resort Spa

9rubdubdub.jpg 4.02k
Enjoying California
9IMG_2361.jpg 3.58k
Hot Tub + Guinness
9IMG_2391.jpg 2.88k
Cell Tree

9IMG_2392.jpg 4.39k
Sad Matt

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Oooooo there's a 138 Photo Slideshow!

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