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In May 2000 the company I worked for at the time (Walnut Creek CDROM) did an extremely cool thing. They sent 2 of us to a Perl conference held on a cruise ship to Alaska! This was the very first GeekCruise: PerlWhirl 2000 and it was a huge success. Not only did I learn a bunch of cool Perl tricks and acquire new confidence in my programming skills, but I had a blast with a bunch of really cool people whom I hope to keep in touch with.

I got about 7 hours of sleep total on this trip, mostly cuz I didn't want to miss anything. Unlike many of my business trips in the past, Kel was unable to attend this one with me as we would have had to pay for her ourselves and it was not cheap. Overall it was a great experience and hopefully by the time the next one comes along in 2002 I'll be able to afford it myself or will be able to talk Netopia into sending me!

Oh here's the group picture of the Perl Geeks on the bow of the ship, courtesy of GeekCruises. Well actually it's only 75% of us.. it was rather early. I'm in the middle in the black shirt :) Group Picture

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9docked_vanc.jpg 3.34k
Docked at the terminal
9vanc1.jpg 8.40k
Harbor from the Dock
9boarding.jpg 11.62k
We Board

9cabin.jpg 8.06k
Cabin Shot
9vanc3.jpg 10.28k
From the pool area
9vanc2.jpg 7.12k
Vancouver Skyline

9vbridge.jpg 8.07k
Oooo a Bridge
9formal_me.jpg 9.16k
Before I dropped food in my lap.
9montage.jpg 13.80k
The Official Photo

9aftshot.jpg 2.16k
I meant to do that.
9juneau1.jpg 9.42k
Arrival In Juneau
9mtroberts.jpg 10.00k
Mt Roberts

9juneau2.jpg 8.57k
After we flipped a U-eey
9docked_jun.jpg 8.47k
Pop a quarter in the meter
9tram_from_dock.jpg 9.35k
Mt Roberts Tram

9juneau_me.jpg 10.42k
Me in Juneau
9alaskan_brewery.jpg 3.53k
Pub Crawl Kick-Off
9glacier_gang1.jpg 9.21k
Brief Pause Before Next Pub

9mendenhall1.jpg 8.10k
Excellent Floe Control
9mendenhall2.jpg 8.72k
9glacier_gang2.jpg 10.06k
Shot 2 of the group.

9glacier_gang3.jpg 10.39k
3rd try is the charm
9overbar.jpg 10.11k
Pub Crawl Stop 4
9bill_in_pub.jpg 2.20k
Our Head Waiter

9ship_from_tram.jpg 10.00k
Nice parking job.
9tram_from_top.jpg 8.90k
At the top
9tram_tower.jpg 9.88k
Tram Tower

9hottub1.jpg 9.10k
Are we soup yet?
9hottub2.jpg 9.78k
Another Hot Tub Picture
9mike_pool.jpg 8.72k
Mike in the Pool

9hottub3.jpg 9.13k
And Another Hot Tub Photo
9hottub4.jpg 9.55k
Yet Another Hot Tub Pic
9hottub5.jpg 9.53k
Sheesh Enough with the Hot Tubs Pics!

9hottub6.jpg 11.60k
The VERY LAST Hot Tub Photo
9mountains1.jpg 6.56k
9docked_skag.jpg 9.74k
I Don't Know Nuthin' 'bout berthin' no....

9hike_view.jpg 10.92k
On our hike
9glacier_lake.jpg 8.33k
Ice anyone?
9canoe1.jpg 9.58k
Up A Lake WITH a Paddle

9canoe2.jpg 9.33k
Ice Berg!
9madgull.jpg 7.61k
Pissing off the wildlife
9canoe3.jpg 7.72k
Our Guide

9plane.jpg 10.16k
Plane Ride
9plane_view.jpg 7.48k
Final glimpse
9from_bow.jpg 9.27k
Go Ahead, Take A Bow

9glacier_bay1.jpg 8.82k
Glacier Bay 1
9glacier_bay2.jpg 10.50k
Glacier Bay 2
9glacier_bay3.jpg 9.42k
Glacier Bay 3

9glacier_bay4.jpg 8.44k
Glacier Bay 4
9glacierbay_me.jpg 13.45k
Me in Glacier Bay
9glacier_bay5.jpg 8.17k
Glacier Bay 5

9grp_din.jpg 11.64k
Dinner on Formal Night
9ship_night.jpg 9.05k
Canned Night View
9sunset1.jpg 7.42k
Midnight in Alaska

9sunset2.jpg 6.59k
Midnight in Alaska again
9crows_nest1.jpg 9.17k
Wang Wangs!
9speakers.jpg 13.62k
One big Happy Family

9speakers2.jpg 10.34k
Picture of them taking a picture
9above_lido.jpg 11.01k
On the outside looking in
9ketch_from_ship.jpg 12.06k
Our last port of call.

9shoreleave.jpg 12.21k
Steve and I Invade Ketchikan
9ship_from_ketch.jpg 12.40k
View from Ketchikan
9ketchikan.jpg 10.53k
The Main Drag

9ketch_marina.jpg 8.65k
9red_light_dist.jpg 12.58k
The Red Light District
9waterfall.jpg 11.88k
Raging Rapids

9totempole.jpg 10.52k
9from_ketch_tram.jpg 10.73k
Tired Of Seeing The Ship Yet?
9big_totems.jpg 10.25k
I'm the one on the right

9mountains2.jpg 8.75k
Behind Ketchikan
9ship_from_boat.jpg 9.48k
Harbor view of the Volendam
9ketch_harbor1.jpg 9.04k
The Harbor From the Little Boat

9ketch_harbor2.jpg 8.95k
Rainiest Place in North America???
9eagle.jpg 4.62k
Wildlife Spotting
9whale.jpg 8.61k
Whale Show

9lastnight1.jpg 10.34k
Our Last Night
9lastnight2.jpg 7.98k
Ben and Shamus
9five_am_aft.jpg 9.74k

9sleepy_steve.jpg 8.34k
Did we stay up too late?

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Oooooo there's a 79 Photo Slideshow!

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