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We try to go camping at least once a year. For awhile there we were going with the entire TKOST on the weekend after Labor Day every year. That pretty much ended a couple of years ago but may start back up.. who knows. It just became way more difficult than it was worth to plan the damned trips. :) Here's some shots of from various trips in the past.

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9c86mike.jpg 4.73k
1986 Mt. Diablo Trip
9c91adri.jpg 4.22k
1991 Salt Point Trip
9camp2.jpg 4.84k
1992 Salt Point Trip

9camp93.jpg 4.43k
1993 Salt Point Trip
9camp931.jpg 4.59k
1993 Salt Point Trip
9camp1.jpg 5.55k
1995 Mt. Diablo Trip

9yoslam.jpg 3.70k
1995 Yosemite Trip
9yoslkm.jpg 4.29k
1995 Yosemite Trip
9IMG_1251.jpg 23.91k
Matt on Mt. Diablo 2008

9IMG_1252.jpg 25.06k
Aran on Mt. Diablo 2008
9IMG_1257.jpg 19.45k
Map Of A Hike On Mt. Diablo 2008
9IMG_1259.jpg 20.29k
Juniper Trail On Mt. Diablo 2008

9IMG_1260.jpg 16.41k
View From Mt. Diablo 2008
9IMG_1261.jpg 21.96k
Matt Takes Pics On Mt. Diablo 2008
9IMG_1264.jpg 14.91k
Mt. Diablo 2008

9IMG_1265.jpg 18.57k
Trail Marker Mt. Diablo 2008
9IMG_1270.jpg 21.74k
View From Mt. Diablo 2008
9IMG_1272.jpg 16.25k
Matt Conquers Mt. Diablo 2008

9IMG_1276.jpg 15.82k
View From Mt. Diablo 2008
9IMG_1280.jpg 17.42k
Unwelcome Visitor On Mt. Diablo 2008
9IMG_1281.jpg 20.72k
Matt, Kelleye and Adri At Sunset on Mt. Diablo 2008

9IMG_1282.jpg 18.64k
You Are Here - Mt. Diablo 2008
9IMG_1288.jpg 23.01k
Adri, Matt, Aran and Kelleye on Mt. Diablo 2008
9IMG_1290.jpg 17.46k
View From Mt.Diablo 2008

9IMG_1293.jpg 17.79k
View Of A Quarry From Mt. Diablo 2008
9IMG_1295.jpg 15.61k
Kelleye On Mt. Diablo 2008
9IMG_1296.jpg 15.98k
View From Mt. Diablo 2008

9IMG_1298.jpg 18.92k
View From Mt. Diablo 2008
9IMG_1304.jpg 14.38k
Matt And Aran On The Summit Of Mt. Diablo 2008
9IMG_1305.jpg 14.58k
Mt. Diablo Summit 2008

9IMG_1306.jpg 19.64k
Mt. Diablo Summit Marker 2008

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Oooooo there's a 31 Photo Slideshow!

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