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As Kel was out of a job since Oct. 2001, there were no plans for any big trips in 2002. Welp she got a job starting on July 1st! So right before then she and I took a mini-vacation, spending 4 days in Catalina CA. It was very mellow and relaxing. We had a great time. Here are some pics. Some will have descriptions, most won't. Just let them flow over you. If the label under the thumbnail says Pic # of 82 then I haven't added any description yet.

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9118-1874_IMG.jpg 4.56k
Helicopters: The Anti-Ferry.
9118-1875_IMG.jpg 3.12k
Long Beach Harbor
9118-1876_IMG.jpg 4.16k

9118-1877_IMG.jpg 2.79k
Catalina 2002
9118-1878_IMG.jpg 1.84k
Catalina 2002
9118-1879_IMG.jpg 2.81k
Catalina 2002

9118-1880_IMG.jpg 3.55k
9118-1881_IMG.jpg 1.57k
First Glimpse
9118-1882_IMG.jpg 1.76k
Catalina 2002

9118-1883_IMG.jpg 1.93k
Catalina 2002
9118-1884_IMG.jpg 1.75k
Coming in to land.
9118-1885_IMG.jpg 3.84k
Flight Over

9118-1886_IMG.jpg 3.29k
Bye Bye
9118-1887_IMG.jpg 4.16k
Catalina 2002
9118-1888_IMG.jpg 5.04k

9118-1889_IMG.jpg 4.27k
Where we stayed.
9118-1890_IMG.jpg 3.68k
Catalina 2002
9118-1891_IMG.jpg 3.52k
Catalina 2002

9118-1892_IMG.jpg 3.99k
Catalina 2002
9pano_hill.jpg 27.50k
Catalina 2002
9118-1898_IMG.jpg 1.13k
Casino Night Shot 1

9118-1899_IMG.jpg 1.27k
Casino Night Shot 2
9119-1907_IMG.jpg 1.79k
Catalina at Night
9119-1908_IMG.jpg 2.99k
Buffalo 1

9119-1909_IMG.jpg 4.82k
More Buffalo
9119-1910_IMG.jpg 4.87k
Yet More Buffalo
9119-1911_IMG.jpg 4.37k
Yup, more Buffalo

9119-1912_IMG.jpg 4.47k
Mmmmmm Buffalo
9119-1916_IMG.jpg 2.26k
Catalina 2002
9119-1917_IMG.jpg 3.70k
Airport In The Sky

9119-1918_IMG.jpg 4.74k
Buffalo Obsessed
9119-1919_IMG.jpg 4.29k
You Are Here
9119-1920_IMG.jpg 3.42k
Catalina 2002

9119-1921_IMG.jpg 2.71k
9119-1922_IMG.jpg 4.70k
Catalina 2002
9119-1923_IMG.jpg 5.05k

9little_harbor.jpg 22.76k
Little Harbor
9119-1928_IMG.jpg 3.14k
Little Harbor 2
9119-1929_IMG.jpg 1.38k
Two Harbors

9119-1935_IMG.jpg 3.68k
Wrigley Ranch
9119-1934_IMG.jpg 3.52k
More Wrigley Ranch
9119-1930_IMG.jpg 4.95k

9119-1931_IMG.jpg 5.10k
Horse Demo
9119-1932_IMG.jpg 4.95k
Wrigley Ranch 3
9119-1933_IMG.jpg 4.74k
Wrigley Ranch 4

9119-1936_IMG.jpg 3.87k
White's Cove
9119-1937_IMG.jpg 4.49k
9119-1938_IMG.jpg 5.01k
Avalon 2

9119-1939_IMG.jpg 3.60k
Catalina 2002
9119-1940_IMG.jpg 5.49k
Our Buffalo
9119-1941_IMG.jpg 4.29k
Casino Entrance

9119-1945_IMG.jpg 2.15k
Casino Theater
9119-1946_IMG.jpg 2.02k
Casino Theater 2
9119-1948_IMG.jpg 1.90k
Casino Theater 3

9119-1949_IMG.jpg 3.60k
Casino Theater 4
9119-1950_IMG.jpg 2.30k
Casino Ballroom
9119-1951_IMG.jpg 5.35k

9119-1952_IMG.jpg 3.65k
From the Casino
9119-1953_IMG.jpg 4.61k
From the Casino 2
9119-1954_IMG.jpg 4.55k
Casino Balcony

9119-1955_IMG.jpg 4.94k
Catalina 2002
9119-1956_IMG.jpg 2.38k
Undersea Adventure
9119-1960_IMG.jpg 3.85k

9119-1957_IMG.jpg 2.70k
Catalina 2002
9119-1958_IMG.jpg 3.25k
Catalina 2002
9119-1959_IMG.jpg 3.82k
Catalina 2002

9IMG_1961.jpg 3.56k
Cruise Ship
9IMG_1962.jpg 3.10k
Catalina 2002
9IMG_1964.jpg 2.74k
Great Sign

9IMG_1965.jpg 2.95k
Catalina 2002
9IMG_1966.jpg 1.45k
Copter Back to the Mainland
9IMG_1967.jpg 3.30k
Catalina 2002

9IMG_1968.jpg 1.68k
Catalina 2002
9IMG_1969.jpg 1.34k
Catalina 2002
9IMG_1970.jpg 1.48k
Catalina 2002

9IMG_1971.jpg 2.30k
Catalina 2002
9IMG_1973.jpg 3.02k
Catalina 2002
9IMG_1974.jpg 2.71k
Catalina 2002

9IMG_1975.jpg 3.22k
Catalina 2002
9IMG_1976.jpg 2.29k
Catalina 2002
9IMG_1977.jpg 2.83k
Catalina 2002

9IMG_1978.jpg 2.91k
Back On The Ground

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Oooooo there's an 82 Photo Slideshow!

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