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Epcot Guide Festival of Flowers Guide
As we have on past trips, several days and nights were devoted to Epcot, it being our favorite of the 4 theme parks. It is also the best place to get a great variety of sit-down meals. You can read about our Epcot adventures on the May 19th, May 20th, May 22th and May 24th Trip Reports.

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9dr102-0237_IMG.jpg 4.67k
In Japan
9dr102-0238_IMG.jpg 4.79k
Teppanyaki Dining Room
9dr102-0239_IMG.jpg 3.57k
Our Banker

9dr102-0240_IMG.jpg 3.39k
Our Chef
9lk106-0608_IMG.jpg 4.01k
Makin' Food
9trDSCF0102.jpg 3.68k
Japan after dinner

9dr102-0256_IMG.jpg 4.94k
Relaxing in the UK
9dr102-0257_IMG.jpg 2.17k
World Showcase Lagoon at Sunset
9trDSCF0126.jpg 2.78k
World Showcase Lagoon at Sunset

9trDSCF0127.jpg 2.99k
World Showcase Lagoon at Sunset
9trDSCF0128.jpg 2.44k
World Showcase Lagoon at Sunset
9trDSCF0129.jpg 4.57k
The Rose & Crown Pub

9lk106-0647_IMG.jpg 4.92k
Dinner at the Rose & Crown
9lk106-0649_IMG.jpg 3.76k
At the Rose & Crown
9gtP5201295.jpg 3.64k
Morocco At Night

9gtP5201296.jpg 2.67k
World Showcase Lagoon Before Illuminations
9gtP5201300.jpg 6.02k
Reflections of Earth
9gtP5201304.jpg 2.84k
Reflections of Earth

9gtP5201305.jpg 2.69k
Reflections of Earth
9gtP5201309.jpg 2.41k
Reflections of Earth
9gtP5201310.jpg 3.01k
Reflections of Earth

9gtP5201321.jpg 1.60k
Reflections of Earth
9gtP5201323.jpg 3.44k
Reflections of Earth
9gtP5201324.jpg 2.52k
Reflections of Earth

9gtP5201325.jpg 2.62k
Reflections of Earth
9gtP5201326.jpg 2.54k
Reflections of Earth
9gtP5201329.jpg 2.69k
Reflections of Earth

9gtP5201330.jpg 2.59k
Reflections of Earth
9gtP5201331.jpg 2.93k
Reflections of Earth
9gtP5201332.jpg 2.70k
Reflections of Earth

9gtP5201333.jpg 2.82k
Reflections of Earth
9gtP5201334.jpg 2.99k
Reflections of Earth
9gtP5201339.jpg 2.75k
Reflections of Earth

9gtP5201343.jpg 3.70k
Reflections of Earth
9gtP5201344.jpg 4.27k
Reflections of Earth
9gtP5201345.jpg 4.54k
Reflections of Earth

9gtP5201346.jpg 4.18k
Reflections of Earth
9lk106-0664_IMG.jpg 3.85k
Reflections of Earth
9gtP5201347.jpg 4.12k
Reflections of Earth

9gtP5201348.jpg 4.32k
Reflections of Earth
9gtP5201349.jpg 3.91k
Reflections of Earth
9gtP5201355.jpg 3.49k
Reflections of Earth

9gtP5201356.jpg 2.61k
Reflections of Earth
9trDSCF0157.jpg 3.76k
Reflections of Earth Final Shot
9trDSCF0168.jpg 2.46k
After Illuminations

9trDSCF0172.jpg 2.00k
Spaceship Earth by Night
9lk107-0703_IMG.jpg 5.91k
Spaceship Earth
9lk107-0704_IMG.jpg 5.10k
Future World Plaza

9dr102-0273_IMG.jpg 4.65k
9lk107-0705_IMG.jpg 4.14k
Test Track
9lk107-0708_IMG.jpg 4.31k
Wonders of Life

9TestTrack_VR.jpg 5.90k
Test Track Queue Quicktime VR
9lk107-0709_IMG.jpg 5.78k
Cranium Command
9lk107-0717_IMG.jpg 7.38k
Epcot Bugs

9lk107-0718_IMG.jpg 6.05k
Epcot Bugs
9lk107-0719_IMG.jpg 6.36k
Epcot Bugs
9lk107-0720_IMG.jpg 5.29k
Epcot Bugs

9lk107-0745_IMG.jpg 4.07k
Epcot Bugs
9lk107-0746_IMG.jpg 4.78k
Epcot Bugs
9lk107-0721_IMG.jpg 4.60k
Epcot Bugs

9lk107-0722_IMG.jpg 4.85k
Epcot Bugs
9lk107-0723_IMG.jpg 5.21k
Epcot Bugs
9lk107-0725_IMG.jpg 4.74k
Epcot Bugs

9lk107-0724_IMG.jpg 4.80k
9lk107-0726_IMG.jpg 4.75k
The Land
9lk107-0727_IMG.jpg 4.41k
Upside-down Waterfall

9dr102-0277_IMG.jpg 4.99k
Honery I Shrunk the Audience
9lk107-0728_IMG.jpg 4.43k
Waterfall Again
9lk107-0729_IMG.jpg 5.42k
Musical Pavement

9lk107-0730_IMG.jpg 4.84k
9lk107-0731_IMG.jpg 4.76k
Backside of Spaceship Earth
9lk107-0732_IMG.jpg 4.77k
World Showcase

9trDSCF0178.jpg 4.38k
On the road to Mexico
9lk107-0733_IMG.jpg 5.20k
9trDSCF0181.jpg 1.94k

9dr102-0278_IMG.jpg 5.90k
9dr102-0279_IMG.jpg 5.93k
9trDSCF0179.jpg 5.87k

9dr102-0286_IMG.jpg 4.65k
9lk107-0734_IMG.jpg 5.49k
9lk107-0735_IMG.jpg 4.01k

9lk107-0736_IMG.jpg 5.41k
9lk107-0737_IMG.jpg 5.64k
China and Margaritas
9lk107-0738_IMG.jpg 6.14k

9dr102-0287_IMG.jpg 6.19k
9dr102-0288_IMG.jpg 5.42k
9lk107-0739_IMG.jpg 4.75k

9dr102-0290_IMG.jpg 5.52k
9lk107-0741_IMG.jpg 4.19k
9lk107-0742_IMG.jpg 4.23k

9lk107-0744_IMG.jpg 4.27k
9trDSCF0182.jpg 4.54k
Stilt Dudes
9dr102-0291_IMG.jpg 3.95k
Another Spaceship Earth Pic

9gtP5221412.jpg 3.40k
9gtP5221416.jpg 5.12k
More Flamingos
9dr103-0316_IMG.jpg 3.48k
"No Really, The Water Taxi IS a Drop Ride"

9dr103-0318_IMG.jpg 5.07k
First Stop, Germany
9dr103-0319_IMG.jpg 5.72k
Second Stop, Shopping
9lk108-0832_IMG.jpg 4.51k

9lk108-0833_IMG.jpg 4.85k
9lk108-0834_IMG.jpg 4.87k
Spaceship Earth Again.
9lk108-0835_IMG.jpg 5.29k
Sit-Down Break

9lk108-0836_IMG.jpg 5.92k
9lk108-0837_IMG.jpg 5.10k
9lk108-0838_IMG.jpg 3.13k

9lk108-0839_IMG.jpg 6.06k
9lk108-0840_IMG.jpg 5.70k
9dr103-0320_IMG.jpg 4.49k

9dr103-0322_IMG.jpg 5.92k
Japanese Garden
9lk108-0841_IMG.jpg 6.59k
Japanese Garden
9lk108-0842_IMG.jpg 5.23k
Japanese Garden

9sgarden_pool_pan.jpg 10.46k
Japanese Garden Pool
9lk108-0847_IMG.jpg 4.87k
9lk108-0848_IMG.jpg 5.11k

9lk108-0849_IMG.jpg 6.04k
Japanese Kinetic Fountain
9lk108-0850_IMG.jpg 6.45k
Japanese Kinetic Fountain
9lk108-0852_IMG.jpg 5.72k

9lk108-0853_IMG.jpg 3.55k
9lk108-0854_IMG.jpg 4.73k
9lk108-0855_IMG.jpg 5.38k
Flamingo Topiary

9lk108-0856_IMG.jpg 3.10k
Spaceship Earth
9lk108-0858_IMG.jpg 2.69k
Coral Reef Aquarium
9lk108-0860_IMG.jpg 4.51k
Coral Reef

9lk108-0861_IMG.jpg 2.46k
Not on the menu.
9lk108-0862_IMG.jpg 3.19k
Not a Corvette
9lk108-0863_IMG.jpg 2.24k

9lk108-0867_IMG.jpg 3.79k
Coral Reef
9lk108-0868_IMG.jpg 4.97k
Blurry Spaceship Earth
9lk108-0869_IMG.jpg 4.86k
Last Spaceship Earth Photo

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