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Fantasia Gardens and Downtown Disney
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Fantasia Gardens Guide Fantasia Gardens Scorecard
Downtown Disney Guide Disney Quest Guide For anyone familiar with the layout of Walt Disney World, my choosing to group Fantasia Gardens and Downtown Disney might seem strange. Geographically and thematically they are just about on opposite ends. My reasoning was this: while grouping all the pictures, I had asection called "Other". When I was done I noticed that Other was comprised mainly of Downtown Disney, Fantasia Gardens, and the Orlando Airport. I dropped Other, and since the Airport pictures were no fun of any kind, gave them their own section.

We went to the Fantasia Gardens Miniture Golf Course on our first night in Orlando. The last of us had arrived in Florida at 6:00pm and none of us wanted to waste a day of our theme park passes. (Greg and terry arrived a day earlier and went on the backstage tour of the Magic Kingdom). Details can be found on our May 17th Trip Report.
Cirque Du Solei Guide My Sid-Toy House of Blues Guide

Downtown Disney received more attention than we've ever paid it before. We had dinner there 3 times, saw Cirque Du Solei, an Iggy Pop concert, played in Disney Quest and did hella shopping. For details see the ends of May 18th, May 21st, May 23rd and May 25th.

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9gtP5170929.jpg 2.85k
Tower Of Terror in the distance
9dr102-0211_IMG.jpg 3.27k
Len and Kel putting around Fantasia Gardens
9lk105-0581_IMG.jpg 2.60k
Fantasia Gardens

9gtP5170916.jpg 4.00k
Fantasia Gardens
9gtP5170918.jpg 3.34k
Fantasia Gardens
9gtP5170920.jpg 4.05k
Fantasia Gardens

9gtP5170925.jpg 4.34k
Fantasia Gardens
9gtP5170926.jpg 4.67k
Fantasia Gardens
9gtP5170923.jpg 3.73k
Chernebog at Fantasia Gardens

9gtP5170931a.jpg 3.61k
Fantasia Gardens
9gtP5170934a.jpg 2.78k
Fantasia Gardens
9gtP5170937a.jpg 3.15k
Fantasia Gardens

9gtP5170939.jpg 2.90k
Fantasia Gardens
9gtP5170942a.jpg 2.90k
The Sorcerer at Fantasia Gardens
9gtP5170943.jpg 3.15k
Fantasia Gardens

9gtP5170946a.jpg 2.90k
Hole In 1!
9lk105-0586_IMG.jpg 2.58k
Another Hole in 1!
9dr102-0227_IMG.jpg 2.44k
From the water Taxi lookig at Downtown Disney

9trDSCF0080.jpg 2.41k
Smoke on the Water
9dr102-0229_IMG.jpg 3.10k
More Smoke
9trDSCF0077.jpg 2.25k
Downtown Disney from the Water Taxi

9dr102-0230_IMG.jpg 5.59k
The House Of Blues
9dr102-0231_IMG.jpg 5.48k
9trDSCF0082.jpg 4.08k

9lk107-0701_IMG.jpg 3.77k
Cirque Du Solei "Tent"
9trDSCF0173.jpg 2.69k
Sunset over the Portobello Yacht Club
9dr102-0272_IMG.jpg 3.21k
Sunset over the Portobello Yacht Club

9gtP5211399.jpg 2.60k
Sunset over the Portobello Yacht Club
9gtP5211400.jpg 3.33k
Sunset over the Portobello Yacht Club
9gtP5211401.jpg 3.45k
Sunset over the Portobello Yacht Club

9gtP5211402a.jpg 2.43k
Sunset over the Portobello Yacht Club
9gtP5211403.jpg 5.08k
The group at dinner at the Portobello Yacht Club
9lk107-0702_IMG.jpg 4.10k
Still at dinner

9lk108-0831_IMG.jpg 3.64k
Neat sign
9trDSCF0213.jpg 2.61k
Pleasure Island
9lkimg_0896.jpg 5.71k
World Of Disney Store

9lkimg_0891.jpg 6.08k
World Of Disney Store
9lkimg_0892.jpg 5.11k
World Of Disney Store
9lkimg_0893.jpg 6.69k
World Of Disney Store

9lkimg_0894.jpg 5.76k
World Of Disney Store
9lkimg_0895.jpg 6.20k
World Of Disney Store
9lkimg_0897.jpg 3.63k
Lego Monster

9lkimg_0898.jpg 4.73k
Lego Store
9lkimg_0899.jpg 4.38k
Mmmmm Ice Cream
9lkimg_0900.jpg 4.27k
Downtown Disney Marketplace

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