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In May of 2001 a group of 7 of us (just like the Dwarves!) made our way down to Florida for just over a week. Contained in this section of my site are roughly 536 pictures (out of over a thousand snapped) taken by myself, Kelleye, Denise Rivera, Terry Robinson and Greg Tse. We all had digital cameras except Pat and Melissa Healy. The upside of this was that processing was cheap. The downside was that I had to go through over a thousand photos, picking and choosing, color-correcting, retouching and slapping on copywrite notices etc. I was much more choosy when I had to scan all the snapshots!

There are several ways to browse this section: There is an all inclusive chronological slideshow, there are the Trip Reports divided by day with links to the best pictures, then there are the Location indexes, if you are interested in just seeing the Magic Kingdom for instance. At the top of every individual picture page is a previous and next button which will throw you into the big slideshow.

A note on the photos themselves: for the most part they were originally taken as 1600x1200 resolution jpgs. They have been scaled down to 800x600 or 600x800 as appropriate, then compressed a bit. This should make the downloading go a little faster, but I erred on the side of quality. I'd appreciate if you'd ask before snagging copies for your own website (you guys on the trip don't count eh!). There are 4 Quicktime VRs which require the Quicktime plugin and for that I'm sorry because it can be a pain to download... they're really cool though :-)

One final note: Because there are so many pictures, I was unable, as I have elsewhere on the site, to put in little descriptions and titles on all the pages. I will, over the next few weeks be adding these as needed, but for now you just get a default title and no description. Most of the interesting things can be read on the trip reports anyway.

Pre-Trip Planning May 17th Trip Report May 18th Trip Report May 19th Trip Report May 20th Trip Report May 21st Trip Report May 22nd Trip Report May 23rd Trip Report May 24th Trip Report May 25th Trip Report May 26th Trip Report Animal Kingdom Blizzard Beach Disney/MGM Studios Downtown Disney Epcot Fantasia Gardens Magic Kingdom Port Orleans Resort: French Quarter Orlando Airport Watch Slideshow Now Click-able Notepad

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Begin Slideshow
Oooooo there's a 539 Photo Slideshow!

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