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Disney/MGM Studios Guide
Disney/MGM Studios Guide
We visted Disney/MGM Studios twice on this trip. Both times were in the early morning. Spent a lot of time playing at the end of Sunset Blvd where the two best attractions in the park are, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and the Rock and Roller Coaster. They were doing thier Star Wars Weekends on the first day we went. Check out the trip reports from May 20th and May 23rd for the full story.
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9gtP5201223.jpg 2.68k
Storm Troopers at the Gate!
9lk106-0636_IMG.jpg 3.16k
Storm Trooper
9gtP5201222a.jpg 2.37k
Storm Trooper

9gtP5201224a.jpg 3.10k
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
9trDSCF0122.jpg 3.46k
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
9gtP5201225.jpg 3.96k
Tower of Terror Queue Area

9gtP5201228.jpg 4.31k
Tower of Terror Queue Area
9gtP5201229.jpg 4.01k
Tower of Terror Queue Area
9gtP5201230.jpg 4.67k
Tower of Terror Queue Area

9gtP5201231.jpg 3.69k
Tower of Terror Queue Area
9gtP5201232.jpg 3.74k
Tower of Terror Queue Area
9gtP5201238a.jpg 3.75k
Tower of Terror Queue Area

9gtP5201240a.jpg 3.05k
Tower of Terror Queue Area
9lk106-0641_IMG.jpg 3.92k
New Construction
9pan_mgm_const.jpg 9.71k
Building a Hat.

9gtP5201261.jpg 2.51k
Building a Hat.
9lk106-0637_IMG.jpg 3.56k
Building a Hat.
9lk106-0638_IMG.jpg 3.42k
More Building a Hat.

9lk106-0639_IMG.jpg 3.92k
Even More Building a Hat.
9lk106-0640_IMG.jpg 4.03k
ENOUGH Building a Hat.
9gtP5201241.jpg 3.38k
Great Movie Ride

9gtP5201253.jpg 3.82k
Great Movie Ride
9gtP5201254.jpg 4.04k
Great Movie Ride
9gtP5201256.jpg 4.40k
Great Movie Ride

9gtP5201257.jpg 4.20k
Great Movie Ride
9dr102-0253_IMG.jpg 4.45k
Muppet Vision
9trDSCF0123.jpg 4.21k
Muppet Vision

9gtP5201269a.jpg 3.92k
Muppet Vision Queue Area
9gtP5201283a.jpg 3.48k
Princess Leia
9gtP5201285a.jpg 4.04k
Barrel of Monkeys.

9gtP5201286a.jpg 4.74k
Boba Fett
9gtP5201288a.jpg 4.11k
Another Storm Trooper
9trDSCF0124.jpg 5.06k

9lk107-0798_IMG.jpg 3.49k
Disney/MGM Studios Early-Entry
9lk107-0799_IMG.jpg 4.94k
Service Station
9lk107-0800_IMG.jpg 4.45k
Hollywood Blvd.

9lk108-0801_IMG.jpg 4.72k
Hollywood Blvd.
9lk108-0802_IMG.jpg 5.05k
Hollywood Blvd.
9dr103-0312_IMG.jpg 4.73k
Hollywood Blvd

9lk108-0803_IMG.jpg 5.21k
Hollywood Blvd.
9lk108-0804_IMG.jpg 5.38k
Hollywood Blvd.
9lk108-0805_IMG.jpg 5.01k
Hollywood Blvd.

9lk108-0806_IMG.jpg 4.58k
9lk108-0807_IMG.jpg 4.39k
Sunset Blvd.
9lk108-0811_IMG.jpg 3.23k
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

9trDSCF0206.jpg 3.63k
Check-in Time
9dr103-0313_IMG.jpg 4.07k
Tower of Terror Sign
9tz_towerpuke.jpg 10.39k
The Twilight Zone

9lk108-0808_IMG.jpg 4.20k
Tower of Terror Exit Area
9lk108-0809_IMG.jpg 6.25k
Break Time
9lk108-0812_IMG.jpg 4.43k
Rock and Roller Coaster

9trDSCF0210.jpg 3.92k
Rock and Roller Coaster
9trDSCF0211.jpg 4.10k
Rock and Roller Coaster
9lk108-0813_IMG.jpg 3.69k
Sounds Dangerous

9lk108-0814_IMG.jpg 4.11k
9lk108-0815_IMG.jpg 2.98k

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